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A Hong Kong-based crypto exchange used deepfakes of Elon Musk to claim the billionaire was its lead developer
  • There are other considerations here though. Google suffers reputational harm if users become victims through their platform. It becomes news, it creates distrust in users, it generates friction with regulators and law enforcement. Users may be trained to be ad averse or install ad blockers. In addition, these ads generate reports which costs time to process even if the complaints are rejected.

    At the end of the day these scammers are not high profile advertisers and they're not valuable. They're burner accounts that pay cents to deliver their ads. They're ephemeral, get zapped, reappear and constantly waste time and resources. Given that YouTube can easily transcribe content and watermark it, it makes no sense to me that they wouldn't put some triggers in, e.g. a new advertiser places an ad that says "Elon Musk", or "Quantum AI" or other such markers, flag it for review.

  • Texas mom says police held her face in pile of fire ants, covering head and neck with hundreds of bite marks
  • Policing in the UK is based on the principle of public trust and approval. i.e Peelian principles. That doesn't mean there aren't terrible racist cops or thugs in the ranks because there are, but generally it means cops aren't on power trips, recognise they are the public and there to serve the public, not just arrest people, and they also exercise discretion and common sense. Again, not perfect and there are rotten apples, but there is that ethos in policing.

    I think that is lacking in US forces. They're more like a civil military, separate from the public in mentality and adversarial. That said, I think US cops are also burdened with societal problems that shouldn't be theirs to deal with - mentally ill, homeless, addiction, guns. I've seen enough "officer involved shootings" to realise most were justified in the moment. More than half are straight up felons getting into gun fights with cops. Others are gray though - e.g. a crazy homeless dude pulls a knife and charges a cop and of course they shoot the guy - which is justified - but why did society care so little that it came to this? Money spent on programs for addiction, homelessness and mentally ill would pay off in terms of less criminality and less shootings. As would changing policing to be more Peelian in nature.

  • A Hong Kong-based crypto exchange used deepfakes of Elon Musk to claim the billionaire was its lead developer
  • I've disabled personalised ads on YouTube and I see this sort of shit all the time. I've given up reporting them because 90% of the time the report is rejected. I don't even understand the rationale for rejecting it because it's an obvious a scam as a scam can be - ai impersonation, fake endorsement, illegal advertising category. It's a scam YouTube.

    I don't even get why these ads even appear. YouTube has transcription & voice / music recognition capabilities. How hard would it be to flag a suspicious ad and require a human to review it? Or search for duplicates under other burner accounts and zap them at the same time? Or having some kind of randomized audit based on trust where new accounts get reviewed more frequently by experienced reviewers.

  • Biden really, really doesn’t want China to flood the US with cheap EVs
  • Protectionism only works in the VERY short term. If the USA doesn't pull its finger out of its ass and make affordable good EVs, then its automotive industry will crash and burn. Because the rest of the world unaffected by tariffs will be buying Chinese (or Korean / European) EVs and not American ones because they'll be expensive and suck.

  • Windows 11 just isn't enticing Windows 10 users to upgrade, and its market share is actually falling
  • I hate local file search in Windows. So many times I've wonder why my machine is crawling and I go to the taskbar and discover Windows search indexer is killing my machine.

    For the other stuff in Windows 11, I wonder if it knows I'm in Europe because I've not seen any egregious advertising - it has the default shit they set up for you like the MSN home page in Edge which is annoying but it can all be changed.

  • Windows 11 just isn't enticing Windows 10 users to upgrade, and its market share is actually falling
  • I have Windows 11 on a couple of machines and honestly it's just Windows 10 with a somewhat slicker taskbar and control panel. Functionally it is almost identical. I'm sure there is a random bunch of changes on the periphery but it's really not a compelling proposition if someone has Windows 10 and is happy with it.

  • Tesla to lay off everyone working on Superchargers, new vehicles
  • When you have a narcissistic sociopath for a boss don't expect job security. All these layoffs and his insane letter will do is cultivate toadying, fear, distrust, cliques and a culture of backstabbing within Tesla.

  • Rabbit R1 is Just an Android App
  • I saw the Marquess Brownlee review of this thing last night and I wonder why companies make this crap and who is fool enough to fund it. It's obviously doomed to fail, as are most "smart" gadgets & devices. The best that can be said for it, is at least there is no subscription to use it and it's not outrageously expensive but that's damning it with faint praise.

  • Greta Thunberg detained at The Hague climate demonstration
  • Because they are. Groups like PETA, or Just Stop Oil are clowns who hurt their own cause. Performative protesting might win people a participation prize but to everyone else it's just "look at meeeeee!". At a certain point it actually becomes toxic to the cause. I know if I wanted to harm environmental campaigning then I'd invent Just Stop Oil.

    Meanwhile big business are sending lobbiests in to change politician's minds, to make arguments that appeal to their rationality, or self-interest. THAT is what environmental campaigners should be doing - lobbying, extoling the benefits of environmental action, changing minds. Getting arrested in front of cameras over and over just becomes pathetic and performative.

  • Greta Thunberg detained at The Hague climate demonstration
  • No change doesn't happen by asking nicely, but I think some joined up thinking by these groups would get them further than performative protesting and getting arrested. If you want change then you lobby politicians on the positive benefits of change, and businesses on the potential profits to be had from implementing it.

  • Greta Thunberg detained at The Hague climate demonstration
  • I think climate activists would just be better off doing what everyone else does - lobbying. Identify politicians who represent areas who would benefit from pollution controls, or green investment or whatever and push the message. Performative acts in front of cameras might feel good but it's a blunt tool to change policy. Some protestors such as "just stop oil" campaigners are so stupid that they actually help the causes they supposedly oppose.

  • Daylight saving creator left the chat....
  • It doesn't work like that. UTC goes forward always. Leap seconds are scheduled and known in advance. NTP time services will just smear time advancement a little to account for an additional second. Time never has to go backwards. This is how Google does it.

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