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The Paradox of Tolerance
  • But that's how the "contract" explanation "solves" the paradox. Nobody is inherently tolerant. I'm just tolerant towards you because our social contract ensures mutual tolerance. One "clause" of the contract is however that I don't have to be tolerant towards you if you breach the contract with anyone else. Or in other words, if I see you being intolerant, I have the right to be intolerant towards you, too. Whether I'm "obliged" to be intolerant towards you is another question, but you could construe it as another "clause" of the social contract.

  • priorities rule
  • Thanks for the answer. My searches on the internet just brought up mathematical graph theory.

    It's so cool to see what simple yet clever tricks they used to use. The tricks used today are probably still very clever but definitely no longer simple.

  • Pride wins!
  • You know, I always thought this "gay agenda" thing was ridiculous. They only want equal rights and "be left alone" essentially, right?
    But seeing this, they actually seem to successfully infiltrate the conservative mind... so maybe there is something to it? O_o

  • Apple may face a mammoth fine after the EU said it violated competition rules
  • Thank you, this gets to the core of the problem. Exorbitant amounts of money and effort is spent to find where the letter of the law does not match the spirit of the law. Language is messy, so it never completely will. But in cases where the spirit of the law is so obvious I'm happy when it's enforced instead of letting them off on technicalities.

  • Audio EQ - Should all the EQ numbers basically net zero?
  • I think that's a very important point. If you "balance" the EQ like you describe but you boost a frequency band that our ears are more sensitive to and lower a band that we're less sensitive to by the same amount of dB... The mix might still sound louder than before.

    So don't worry too much about the numbers and heed the great advice given in this thread.