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[article] Opinion: Making housing more affordable means your home’s value is going to have to come down
  • Median income to median price is out of sync since covid.

    Money changers and rent seekers acting like this the new normal but how long can unsustainable system keep going?

    Either "investors" just take over buying or price must match income.

  • "Maybe This is Too Cool" - After years of layoffs and pay/resource freezes, Amazon execs treat themselves to a private Foo Fighters concert worth millions
  • Bro... I don't go to concerts because fuck rent seeking parasites. Small venues only chief.

    I don't pay for corporate music. If I like the artist and they accept payments. I will pay direct.

    I am sorry you can't imagine a world without sucking some rich dudes' dicks.

    Simping for some celeb on here... I don't even know who these clowns are. They had like one hit wonder in 2000s. Wtf is u so worked up over?