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Microsoft to Copyright Pi, Found to Contain Entire Arial Font
  • An example I found: the string of digits 0123456789 occurs at position 17387594880. In this case, it took 11 digits to describe where to find a 10-digit number.

    So I think such an algorithm would technically work, but your "start digit" would be so large it would use more data than just sending the raw file data. Not to mention the impossible amount of computing power needed.

  • What life hack is so simple yet so effective, you're shocked more people don't know about it?
  • I did this, and it was great at first. Then I needed more socks, so I bought another batch. Then I had a mix of worn socks and brand new socks. They might look the same at first, but if you take a closer look, the older ones are a little lighter in color and the texture isn't the same. I later bought a third batch. So now I have a mix of new, old, and really old socks. It actually takes more effort to match socks now than when I had many different socks.

    I see this advice posted all the time, so I guess most people don't care if their socks on each foot are a different level of worn, but it bothers me.

  • What's something you did or acquired that made your life way easier?
  • I looked into litter box robots and decided to try a low-tech solution first. I got an Arm & Hammer sifting litter box for under $20.

    Basically, you dump the whole litter box into an equal sized sifter, then lift the sifter and give it a little shake, then dump the waste.

    I can completely clean each litter box in 10-15 seconds. It's not fully automatic, but I have no need for a robot anymore.

  • The return of pneumatic tubes
  • you could order something online and have it pop up right next to you minutes later

    There are a few companies that want to accomplish that, but instead of using pressurized gas they want to use a miniature subway system.

    For example: