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Is there a tried and true method to delete a Lemmy account?
  • Deleting your account on your home instance should remove all posts and it federates. But don't blame the instance admins when it doesn't federate well to every instance because Lemmy is buggy software.

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • Link to a screenshot of the conversation with an LW admin mentioned by OP:

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • You have moira_mayhem on Kbin and LW and this account. So yes, you have alts.

    We don't give a platform to fascists that's why we defederated from those instances. But what you want is an echo chamber, I'm sure the instance you applied for will be better suited. But that account will be banned from this instance as well.

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • Ok Moira_Mayhem.

    @[email protected] you can post the chat here.

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • Don't worry about that you and your alts are banned. I didn't ban this account yet so you can answer if it is ok to post your conversation with thekingoflorda here.

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • Offense usernames, namecalling or harassing volunteers who tried to help you could be an immediate ban also but here you are.

    Do you agree with @[email protected] posting the conversation you had with him in this thread so people know what it is about?

  • Looking for an actual left leaning Lemmy instance
  • The admin you had a talk with posted the conversation and he was VERY fair towards you.

  • I just realized /c/piracy is the most subscribed community in the lemmyverse!
  • Congrats mate 👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks for everything you do with your instance and with fediseer.

  • Updated - defederation on hold
  • Feel free to reach out to me and we'll deal with it.

  • Updated - defederation on hold
  • He was arguing that it should be ok to generate AI images, trying to make a case that it was better than actual CP. Also something I find disgusting and don't agree with. But now that the technology is here I can see why it's something that should be discussed.

    But you're twisting things to fit your narrative here.

  • Updated - defederation on hold
  • often times they won’t even action users who are engaging in transphobia, even if reported. It’s really not great.

    As I said in my other reply. I don't live that life so we might not get all the cues but if anyone on our team sees transphobia it will be removed.

  • Updated - defederation on hold
  • Proof on the "MAP pride shit"? Jarfil wasn't posting CP, he was saying those people needed help. And while it's hard to agree with this because those that act on it deserve a bullet for all I care but you want to make it look like posting CP is ok on Lemmy World.
    Guess who was the first instance to defederate and brought their MAP support forums to light?

    Here is the list of instances we block on Lemmy World and the reasons why:

    That's the main reason why we have fediseer, to keep those bigots and pedos out.

    We do take action when we see transphobia. But if the whole discussion about a this game has made anything clear it's that there are concepts and dogwhistles that might go unnoticed to cis male folk like me because I don't live that life.

    But go ahead and defederate from Lemmy World.

  • Ten Forward: Your new home for all things Star Trek!
  • You too ❤️ Good luck with the community!

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Most likely this is the reason

  • Happy 2024!
  • As soon as it's stable. Believe me we were looking forward to some of the new features too but we saw quite a few instances dealing with issues after upgrading.

  • Happy 2024!
  • Thank you!

    You can click on instances on the bottom of the page to see which instances we defederated from

  • Overwatch 2 New Hero Space Ranger: Mobile Support Abilities and Concept Art Leaks

    Excitement is building in the Overwatch 2 community as the development team has dropped an incredible teaser about the upcoming Season 12 release – a brand new

    Overwatch 2 New Hero Space Ranger: Mobile Support Abilities and Concept Art Leaks
    Overwatch 2: "Venture" Hero Gameplay BlizzCon 2023

    For Season 10, Overwatch 2 introduces a new DPS hero named "Venture." While specific numbers about Venture's abilities are yet to be unveiled, players can anticipate a fresh and dynamic hero that will surely add diversity and excitement to the game.

    Venture's abilities are "The Mighty Drill", "Burrow and Burst" and "Aerial/Underground Dash"


    Very strong Heavy from Team Fortress 2 vibes. Even the toy is named 'Cha-cha' which sounds like 'Sacha' which is the name Heavy uses for his weapon.

    Het is weer woensdag! Wat zijn we aan't doen?

    Ik zit midden in een verhuis naar een nieuw kantoorgebouw voor het werk en ben omringd door dozen en rommel. Tegen vrijdag moeten we eruit zijn dus het is even rushen! Fijne dag iedereen!

    Lemmy Development Update 2023-10-06

    cross-posted from:

    > Here is our regular update that explains what we have been working on for the past two weeks. This should allow average users to keep up with development, without reading Github comments or knowing how to program. > > We are slowly getting closer to the 0.19 release, although there is still a lot of work left. Client developers should read this post with information about breaking changes to update their projects. > > Edit: You can test the latest 0.19 code on, or by installing 0.19.0-beta.8 on your server. Be sure to report any bugs on Github. > > @nutomic has closed over 100 issues, most of them duplicates, invalid or already resolved ones. He also made numerous pull requests to fix minor bugs and implement small enhancements. This includes a bug fix for federation of admin actions which was released as 0.18.5. He is also changing the way HTML escaping is handled to avoid broken texts. > > @dessalines is working on redesigning the website, adding the apps and instances pages. Also worked on rewriting the Docker images to use Debian as base instead of Alpine. Additionally he is adding support for new backend features to lemmy-ui (scaled search and cursor-based pagination). > > @SleeplessOne1917 has implemented support for new block instance feature, finished implementing the remote follow feature, and updated 2-Factor-Auth to account for a backend rework. He also implemented some bug fixes. He has also been working on adding authentication to lemmy-ui-leptos. > > ## Support development > > @dessalines and @nutomic are working full-time on Lemmy to integrate community contributions, fix bugs, optimize performance and much more. This work is funded exclusively through donations. > > If you like using Lemmy, and want to make sure that we will always be available to work full time building it, consider donating to support its development. Recurring donations are ideal because they allow for long-term planning. But also one-time donations of any amount help us. > > - Liberapay (preferred option) > - Open Collective > - Patreon > - Cryptocurrency (scroll to bottom of page) >

    Lemmy World on Fediseer

    Hello Lemmyverse!

    First of all we want to say THANK YOU to both @[email protected] and @[email protected] for making this happen. The addition of tags, censures and hesitations following Rikudou's GUI being included to Fediseer offically has done a lot to bring this tool to the next level. As we said before, on Lemmy World we now implemented this tool in our flow on how to handle spam- or other types of abusive instances. The system also had his first test-run this week when there was a spam-wave of accounts from different instances and we were able to fend those off by temporarely adding the instances to our hesitations list. Once the admins of those instances were contacted and tightened up security a bit they were removed from our hesitation list and re-federated. was protected during that time because they followed Lemmy World's hesitations and therefor their communities also remained spam-free!

    We're looking forward to see how this evolves, when more and more admins start using this tool - allowing us to protect eachother.

    So lastly, we want would like to point the instance admins that are reading this to

    As you see we've spent quite a bit of time going over different blocklists from instances and combining them into the Lemmy World one. We're also going over the Fediverse-Blocklist and adding instances from there.

    The worst offenders are already in the list, but we'll keep working on making our list as complete as possible. Due to the size of our instance we are often the first ones to be targeted. And on the other hand we also have a big admin team so we also quickly notice when something is going on. So we hope that making this information available through Fediseer will help keeping instances and their communities protected and turn a negative into something good.

    Greetings, The Lemmy World team

    Lemmy Handshake - Beta release

    cross-posted from:

    > The app that synchronizes multiple lemmy accounts so you can migrate and keep backup accounts across instances, it's opensource and free, currently working in android and windows. > > It's in homologation now and anyone can test, any feedbacks are welcome as always. > > If you find any bugs please report > > Github Source > > --- > ## Download now > --- > > ! > ! >

    Alternative UI: Photon

    We added an extra UI for our users. Photon by Xylight is an interface with a sleek, modern look and has all the bells and whistles you would need. Moderator tools included! You can access the UI from

    Visit Photon's project page on github or get in touch with the developer in the [email protected] community. If you want to use photon on other instances you can do so from

    Update: @Xylight has set up a donation link so if you like photon as much as I do, show him some love!

    Join the Lemmy.World Discord Server! Join the Lemmy.World Pub Discord Server!

    This is the official public discord server for the lemmy instance | 36 members

    Join the Lemmy.World Pub Discord Server!

    We've launced a public discord server at

    The reason for why we choose discord is because it was easier to moderate and manage than other options. Besides we also had a discord-bot guru by the name of Rooki who created a neat bot that allowed us to connect/verify discord users to their Lemmy World account.

    So if you are a moderator and you are looking for some extra hands to moderate your community, or if you need to contact anyone from the LW team, this is the most efficient way to do it!

    Come have a look!

    Praiz - Somebody Ft King
    watch out for antik Antik 👾

    You guys want feet pics or what gives

    Alexandrite UI:

    We just added Alexandrite to the server, it's an alternative desktop UI for Lemmy created by Sheodox who worked tirelessly to make the necessary changes to we could host it ourselves here. So go to and have a look!

    He continues to update it constantly, you can follow the development on his github page or in his community. If you like what you see and want to support him, why not buy him a coffee? :)

    For those who don't have Lemmy World as their home instance and want to use Alexandrite, either ask your instance admins to add it or go to!

    Edit: I should probably have mentioned that Alexandrite is meant for desktop!

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