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Columbia Law School Faculty Condemn Administration for Mass Arrests and Suspensions
  • There are videos of the "protestors" changing "We know where you live", "We are Hamas", and "7th of October is going to be every day to you" at Jewish students. Not to mention the invited speaker the "protestors" assaulted. There is virtually no way this could have remained quiet, because this level of unabashed antisemitism hasn't been seen in a long time

  • Canada contacts Israel after aid agency says water truck bombed in 'targeted' attack
  • Pretty interesting that this is buried several paragraphs into the article:

    The organization wouldn't say outright if it believes the Israeli military was responsible and is calling on the Canadian government to investigate.

    So the organization isn't even claiming that it was bombed by Israel, but it's hard to imagine anyone reading the headline would think anything else...

  • Will there really be a big influx of users on the 30th?
  • Idk, there are a few avenues that require shockingly little work. Setting up an account on took all of 2 minutes, and then another 2 to find and install Connect. The final result, about 5 minutes after I started, is a home page mostly indistinguishable from the home page of my 3rd party Reddit app.

    For those wondering, search "Connect for Lemmy" on Google play store (idk if it's on iOS yet).

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