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Kamala Harris Holds Emergency Call With Dem Donors
  • A lot has certainly happened since then, if nothing else. It's not like her campaign was very smartly done on almost any level. It sucks, because the end result could have been so much better than what you got instead.

  • Major IT outage affecting banks, airlines, media outlets across the world
  • This is almost 20 years ago today, so my memory is a bit hazy, but basically each student had an account with a certain amount of server space. I can't remember the size, but given the amount of digital files we produced it would've been at minimum 500GB+/student. We could also "see" the account folder for everyone else in our class for file sharing and stuff.

    There were also accounts/folders for each teacher which were used to turn in the primary copy of whatever assignment we had done if it was in digital form. Physical art were scanned or photographed also, as a sort of backup. We were also required to back every project up via USB sticks, ofc.

    There was also a rack with individual docks for each digital camera that they had which allowed us to get our photographs transferred to our own folders. Since we could access those files from our accounts it also was a part of that server system.

    There were also several networked and customised Macs used for single tasks, like larger printing projects and also for an airgapped paintgun for a lack of a better description. We avoided having to wear masks when we printed large sheets in single colours with it, for example. I have no idea what software that thing used, I think I used it like once or twice.

    Now, I'll freely admit that I haven't touched a Mac since I left that school, and I've never had any interest in them whatsoever, so I don't know what they used or if it even exists anymore. Someone with more knowhow maybe does?

    I do remember them specifically (proudly) telling us it all ran on Macs, otherwise I probably wouldn't have any reason to believe so. The "server room" was basically what looked like a glorified closet with a rack and a couple of Macs that didn't look like the ones we students used. This was just before the all-in-one models were introduced, iirc.

  • Major IT outage affecting banks, airlines, media outlets across the world
  • Depending on what your definition of "enterprise" is, I've attended what was at the time a fairly large and prestigious art school that ran everything on Macs.

    They even preferred that we didn't bring windows laptops, although after some.. rather intense protests by pretty much anyone under 25 we did get to bring our own peripherals.

    Edit: I'll also add that outside the shitty keyboards and mice, the server system they had set up with our accounts on etc was completely fine.

    Never had a single issue with it and it was my first ever touching a Mac.

  • JD Vance opposes military aid, NATO membership for Ukraine. He's now Trump's VP pick
  • I've been on the outside observing this escalating shit show for 8 years now and I think I've finally reached the point where I don't even have the words to convey what I feel about the current state of American politics.

    I mean, I know there's a lot of history behind it etc., but just the past months? I don't even..

    I hope shit gets better for ya'll, I sincerely do.

  • Get a Grip, Democrats. You Can Still Win This | Washington Monthly
  • The politics here in the EU are just as messy, there's simply a thin veneer of ..something, class, perhaps, that trump managed to completely remove from American politics.

    What happened in the UK is a genuine bright spot, though. I couldn't stand Sunak, but at least he behaved like a fucking adult when the time came.

  • Anon makes up a word
  • I mean, sure, I had a few bad teachers myself at certain ages, but there were good ones too.

    Making it up to be some kind of power-trip seems wrong to me, although there certainly are a few of those.

    I will say though, that teaching the same curriculum year in year out grinds down almost anyone.

    I felt lucky that each student was truly different since their various issues needed such radically different approaches, but that was spec. ed., not normal school.

  • Anon makes up a word
  • As I've worked most of my life in schools, and am married to a teacher I realize I have a bias, but some teachers do try their best to help every possible student.

    I can't count the evenings we've discussed certain cases and how to approach them.

    We've been lucky in that we've mostly had the same students, as I worked with them as they were younger and when they switched up my wife got them.

    We did work in special ed. though, focusing mostly on autism, so we've seen a lot of bad situations throughout the years, but I wouldn't go blaming only teachers for that. There are also administrators, headmasters, outside influences and last but not least the parents that all play a role in every students education.

    Then again this isn't the US and I know how things look there in the educational sector, so your mileage may vary.

  • Grant's wisdom
  • You're quite correct on all points in my opinion, for what it's worth.

    Edit: although to be fair, Lincoln had to navigate an extremely complex political situation. He could've done a lot worse than how it ended up.

  • The mask ban shit is unreal.
  • Just because I'm curious: I have chronic sarcoidosis in both lungs, and lifelong asthma. I've by some miracle survived 4 years, but at the cost of almost all the stamina I used to have. COVID still circulates around the daycares, youth clubs and workplaces here and I have children.

    I don't have an option to not wear a mask when I leave the room I've spent these 4 years in. Does that bother you?

    Be honest and tell us you don't give a shit about the people around you.

    Edit: Not surprised at your lack of an answer.

  • NATO Member Sweden Says Russia Disrupting Its Satellite Networks
  • Similar. Åland is predominantly Swedish-speaking (we're a minority on the mainland), and they have fairly extensive legal autonomy as well.

    In practice Åland is also a legally demilitarized zone, though I doubt Russia would give a fuck.

  • Alternatives to major corporate monopoly software.
  • From someone who studied graphic design using Adobe products ~15 years ago but just can't stand what they've become; thank you, sincerely.

    Krita is pretty awesome, but I've had trouble getting rid of Lightroom.

  • ‘What if there just is no solution?’ How we are all in denial about the climate crisis
  • I've had this sinister feeling in the back of my head ever since I saw Extrapolations that it was far more of a documentary of what's to come than even the creators intended.

    It's been a year since I watched it the first time, and that feeling has only gotten worse since.