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I converted a micro PC to Linux about 6 weeks ago and have been bouncing my way around, troubleshooting and learning through a number of issues. About a week ago I hit my storage max (around 1,000 songs) and added another memory card.

Since then I have exploded to 4,800 songs and growing. I've already had the joy of bringing it to a friend's house and playing all night, and I can't wait to do it again. Feels like old times. ☺️

Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • I'm so sorry to inform you of this, but in the year of our Zord 2024, we are no longer accepting "one of the ten billion apes, bots, advertising agencies, liars, and trolls who are screaming into the Internet at all times said something I disagree with" as a valid source of outrage, controversy, or secondhand conversation.

    Please understand that this is not personal, nor is it a judgement on your specific opinion. We would recommend addressing the comment you disagree with directly at its source, if you feel you must address it at all.

  • Students walk out during Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech at Duke
  • Karl Marx was a right wing mouthpiece.

    There, somebody said it. So what? It's the Internet. Any random asshole can say anything. Treating random tweets and forum posts like they're meaningful, popular public discourse that everyone should know about is rot. In the literal sense of the word. It is decay in the fabric of society.

    But it's effective at pissing off cable news viewers, so it's become commonplace and doesn't really get questioned anymore. But you should. It's rot.

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  • Exactly. You gotta treat people with kid gloves, because they won't listen to reason for its own sake and are often incapable or unwilling to learn.

    Simply being right isnt worth anything if it leads you to a negative result.

    This concludes our little play. Take a bow, you played your part excellently.

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  • You yourself agreed with the statements that make your espoused philosophy look foolish. You acted like those statements are obvious, and that obviously you knew they were true, and got mad at me for even stating them because they're so obvious.

    So what exactly do you want from me?

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  • I'm not talking about the use of the word piracy. That was someone else.

    I'm taking about your reason, or lack thereof. Probably should have modulated my tone on account of your limitations, but I was following your own principles afrer all. Guess they only apply to you.

  • Recommendations?

    Anybody got any good charts they would recommend? Looking to beef up my song selection beyond the offiicial GH & RB setlists.

    Jim Croce - Bad, Bad Leroy Brown

    In 1973, at only thirty years old, Jim Croce died in a plane crash. The fifty year anniversary of his passing is coming up in September of this year. I grew up listening to his music, and there's nobody else quite like him.

    Sergio Leone Appreciation Post

    I'm watching Duck, You Sucker for the first time and having a blast.

    What's your favorite Leone film?

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