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  • See, replication isn't a problem if your entire field is vibes-based. A lot of economics papers I come across are like that (so much so that I am close to writing off the entire decipline as unscientific). The diff in the level of rigour you would see in e.g. particle physics versus in economics is baffling.

    It used to be psychology as well but I am noticing they are more than aware of their replication crisis lately. Whereas economics feels pseudoscience with a maths clothing.

  • Random 2 July 2013
  • Why are edges of this comic curved

  • mod accountability rule [action taken]
  • No it does not mean that.

  • Google’s greenhouse gas emissions jump 48% in five years
  • Been using Kagi for about almost a year now. It is a paid search engine. Which might sound weird but if you are doing research or any job that relies on access to information, I'd say it's worth the investment.

  • Irresistible
  • Black holes aren't like magnets

  • Trump Suggests Planes Can’t Fly When It’s Not Sunny
  • Laughing at Trump has gotten old for me. He has bottomed out the level of idiocy so much that it's just not funny anymore, almost like real-life flanderisation. If anything, it brings me sadness thinking how half of america is somehow more stupid than this guy.

    If this community is going to be just a list of stupid shit Trump is going to say until the elections, I am not sure if I want it in my face every day, especially as a non-american. It must be possible for me to block posts based on words

    Edit: At least on Eternity there is such a filter! I shall see nothing about this arsehole anymore

  • The stages of an Osprey as it dives into the water to hunt.
  • Can't help but anthropomorphise, but in a changed way. I've always equated wings with what hands are in humans, but this picture makes me think of then more like legs, and bird's 'legs' as hand equivalent

  • Money, please!
  • Reputation comes from public, it requires collective action and coordination. Collective action is not easy, but it is not as hard it might seem either. For example, many open source projects in software are highly reputable without a private ownership.

  • My beautiful child...
  • Yeah, no. Religion needs to die out.

  • What's the best possible justification for vandalizing a library?
  • I wouldn't jump to conclusions on who did this, could be false flag

  • Your mom gets a new boyfriend
  • He actually loves and cares about her: Kalm

  • The slow blade doesn't penetrate the slime.
  • Damn somebody tag ThoughtSlime here

  • My Windows Computer Just Doesn't Feel Like Mine Anymore
  • Steve Jobs was no different from the rest in Silicon Valley who would spout virtues out loud while simultaneously undermining them in practice.

  • Human to bat comparison
  • What are they so happy about ugh

  • my home rule
  • I stay. Forever.

  • So I got hit with Microsoft's Windows 11 nag screen...
  • In 2024 using linux is far less cognitively demanding than using windows

  • Universal Basic Income Could Double Global GDP While Cutting Carbon Emissions
  • Oh wow DOUBLE the GEE DEE PEE?!?!?!?!!@! Hard rn

  • 5/7 would listen
  • For those curious, this was called a "casette tape"

  • Voyager 1 returning science data again
  • Headline implicates that it was returning non-science data so far lol

  • The end of an era?
  • Eh, I'm waiting until the seat is simply hovering in the air without any bars

  • Aavesham (2024) ⭐ 8.0 | Comedy, Action, Musical, Drama


    Why is it frowned upon here to 'steal' content from reddit?

    If anything, shouldn't it be encouraged, and even automated? I'm including even the 'old' stuff from reddit here. Reddit shouldn't be the absolute owner of the content submitted by users. When I migrated here, it wasn't because of me being against reddit users, but being against reddit the company. Copying the content here actually hurts the company in sense that they don't get to then gatekeep the crowdsourced content.