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I keep injecting in the wrong spot and I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  • There's definitely just some variance in terms of how much it bleeds and whether it hurts. I haven't really noticed any pattern in terms of injection site; I think there are a lot of factors. Holding the vial and maybe rolling it between your hands can help warm up the liquid, which makes it a little bit easier to both draw and inject.

    The needle size will affect these things too -- the thinner the injection needle the less blood I've seen, but then it takes a little longer to inject. Do you know what gauge you're using to inject with?

    I found the whole process very stressful for the first several weeks, but eventually it just became routine!

  • "The Dark History of the Reincarnated Villainess" Anime Adaptation Announced
  • Ok, so the MC gets iskei'd into their own Mary Sue story, but as the villainess... now I really want to know if the author based it on something they wrote in middle school!

  • Eyebrow advice?
  • When you're ready to make big changes, definitely look into threading as an alternative to waxing, a lot of folk find it less painful in the long term. (But it still really stings at first! :) )

    Having thick/full eyebrows can be an advantage, since you have more to work with. I have the problem that my upper eyebrows are a bit too sparse, which makes them much more difficult to shape.

  • New rule
  • I'm pro this rule. I eventually quit reading a lot of the trans subreddits because of the constant doomposting.

  • People in the US identifying as LGBT
  • The source is referenced in the graph (PRRI survey from 2023, as described e.g. here)

    The previous years are a different org's polls (Gallups)

  • Freiren: How did Fern's group capture a Stille? Wild speculation and wrong answers okay
  • I thought Frieren was still better at suppressing her mana.

    Although, Frieren did state in an earlier episode that Fern was faster at getting off spells, which would definitely be an advantage here.

  • Dungeon Meshi • Delicious in Dungeon - Episode 2 discussion
  • Not everybody wants to subscribe to a community dedicated to a single seasonal show.

    I know I actively avoid those communities for works based on a manga, because they often have spoilers show up by way of fanart/etc/. It's just not a suitable place for general discussion of a currently airing anime.

  • ONE PIECE TV Anime is officially getting an anime adaptation remake titled 'THE ONE PIECE' by WIT Studio and Netflix
  • Sure, that's kind of tangential to the point I'm making. Something can reflect transphobic ideas without explicitly being about trans folk.

  • ONE PIECE TV Anime is officially getting an anime adaptation remake titled 'THE ONE PIECE' by WIT Studio and Netflix
  • I'm curious how these modern takes on One Piece will deal with the Okama and related characters (assuming they get that far!)

    I haven't read the manga, but the anime at least comes off super-transphobic in how they're played for laughs at times. I think that'd necessarily be cut from the live action version, but less hopeful about this for another anime adaptation.

  • Comfort shows without transphobic jokes?
  • This is a weird grey area for me. I see it as a silly episode where bender does some reprehensible shit, sort of learns his lesson but than continues being a shitty person.

    That episode really bothered me -- decades before I realized I was trans it was my least favorite episode of the entire run. It just came off as too mean spirited, and relied too heavily on the man-in-a-dress "joke".

  • Boukensha ni Naritai to Miyako ni Deteitta Musume ga S-Rank ni Natteta • My Daughter Left the Nest and Returned an S-Rank Adventurer - Episode 9 discussion
  • I've always read that it's because many light novels started online, and the way they were listed meant you needed the title to really grab folk's attention.

    (I actually really like this particular anime; the animation is often iffy but art and story really appeal to me!)

  • Sharing an umbrella (zyagapi)
  • <3 Shami momo

    As a trans woman, I thought it was interesting that in one of the most recent chapters (this is not a spoiler) Shamiko has to deal with some minor awkwardness about her name having changed. The series is consistently queer-adjacent in ways that go way beyond the central relationship!

  • What anime would be most improved by a "Truman Show" plot twist at the very end?
  • One kind of interesting twist on that is Fincher's The Game. It remains unclear until the very end of the movie whether the main character is in a convoluted game where people are pretending to conspire against him, or an actual conspiracy using the game as cover.

  • Tower of God Season 2 | ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER
  • They also tended to say the changes made it 'hard to follow' or 'ruined the pacing' or other things, but as an anime-only that just flat wasn't true. I actually really loved the kind of elliptical feel of the story in S1.

    I honestly kind of felt that source readers were border-line brigading posts about the anime on reddit. It certainly didn't make me any more inclined to check it out!

  • (CONCLUDED) VOTE: Help decide the future of the Episode Discussion thread bot!
  • You should probably have made some of the questions optional -- "distribute a 100 points" is just not something I'm going to bother thinking about.

  • Alternative anime to Demon Slayer suitable for 9 year old?
  • Bofuri is surprisingly good! Not in any way serious in tone, since it all takes place in an MMORPG, but some good action scenes, especially in the first season.

    Pretty sure it's completely kid friendly (no fan service or other anime weirdness.)

  • [Meta] Automated Episode Discussion Posts
  • One issue I've seen is that the bot's empty posts tend to flood out other more interesting stuff from my main feed.

    I've thought about removing the community from my feed for that reason, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • Top 10 Anime of the Week #01 - Fall 2023 (Anime Corner)
  • I think Shield Hero and Goblin Slayer have mixed review because the content/story is much more mature than Frieren.

    Hmm, the former two shows always seemed extremely juvenile to me.

  • Hey girls! Baby trans here with some questions about body hair
  • I mentioned this in another recent thread, but I spent a lot of time looking through reddit threads where transgirls talked about body hair.

    What I thought was interesting is that:

    • while you do get a lot of responses that say it only somewhat reduces body hair
    • there were several folk who said it eventually did pretty much stop growth in many places (especially the torso), but that it took 3-4 years.
    • One thing generally agreed on was that no matter what, hair on the legs/forearms will stick around; that's typical for cis women as well. (There's a lot of variability where cis women will have noticeable hair, but almost always on the legs/forearms.)

    In online spaces you'll generally see a lot more folk in the 0-2yrs range of HRT (because they're newer and have more things they want to talk about.) So my guess is that the long term reduction in body hair is larger than you'd think just skimming threads like this one.

    I'm at a bit more than 2 years, and it definitely has reduced a lot on my chest/shoulders/back/butt/upper arms, but I still have to shave occasionally (especially chest/butt). For now I'm content to see if the rest goes away on its own.

  • Testosterone blocker questions
  • Will I be able to go more than one day without shaving my body hair without looking at my chest and arms in disgust?

    I've previously been curious about this, and I waded through a lot of reddit threads looking at all the anecdotal answers.

    A pretty fair number of folk said they eventually saw a large reduction in body hair on the torso especially, but that it took 3-4 years.

    You'll also see a lot of folk on 2 years of HRT saying it gives only a little bit of reduction.

    Hard to draw a strong conclusion here, but it seems hopeful! (I'm two years in and see some reduction, but I still have plenty of hair. Pretty sure it grows back much more slowly now, but since I didn't shave my body pre-HRT it's kind of hard to tell.)

  • Double Take【AMV】

    Pretty amazing editing!


    "The Secret Time Shared Just Between the Two of Us" -- Daoko