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Sure you are, buddy
  • I honestly wouldn't go as far as to call them "heroes" in that a lot of them are just contrarians who want to piss off other people on the internet and likely have very little in the way of political ideology.

    It just so happens that most of the loudest voices on twitter are also horrible shitnazis so they are going to get the brunt of the community-note trolling.

  • The Stoke is Real 🔥
  • I love seeing Dems happy for once.

    Like, for ONCE someone with a D on their name made an effective political decision. It's really wild, truly things I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Historic.

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • I don't see it changing anytime soon. If I may go off on a tangent.

    If any of us have gained anything of material use from the "AI revolution" it wouldn't be plagiarized drawings of Taylor Swift as an anthropomorphic fox with six breasts, it would be the dawning realization that we're not so special.

    If so many of us can be tricked with a predictive text app into believing something is aware and alive, a technology in its infancy, what are the next several decades going to look like?

    I don't believe in the AI hype, the "singularity" subreddit is packed with the most delusional people in the world. And they sound exactly like Christians, Trump supporters or scientologists or any other cult.

    It's inherent to our experience here, that our brains trick us into thinking that thinking is special, that our conscious experience is somehow separated from the universe.

    The harsh reality is it's not separate from the world. Most of our decisions are made up to an hour in advance, most of our life is rehearsed by parts of your brain that don't talk, that don't narrate. You are made of thousands of layers of "entities" that sort and assemble information and then make you think you're able to control the world around you with something called "choice."

    So now, understanding these hard truths about the human condition... when will it get better? When will we start to set aside superstition and fear and mythology to make us feel better about that gnawing fear we all have, the one lingering in the backs of all our minds that we can't quite touch, the fear that we really aren't in control, we really aren't that special. We made cities, but can ants. We travel in space but so can fungus. We go to war with each other but so do chimps.

    We are not letting go of religion or mysticism. Not in our current form. Maybe if we're really, really lucky some of the most delusional techbros are right, and we will have a system in our lifetimes for "upgrading" our brains and expanding our ability to comprehend and understand each other. I am not holding my breath though. These are the same people who tried to convince us that NFT's were the future.

  • Ohio GOP Senator Says 'Civil War' Needed If Trump Loses.
  • Since these are people who may very well end up writing the laws that the FBI and Homeland Security have to uphold, all they can do is sit nervously and wait and see what happens.

    Meanwhile, the people who hear these calls to action and get it and understand what it means and take it as marching orders, they DO in fact get busted by authorities all the damn time, it's just that there are so, so many crazy fucking right-wing morons out there with more guns than brain cells and they just increase in number and decrease in intelligence every day.

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • Lets all remember that time one of the largest pop stars in the world gave a message to her fans on stage to remember to vote, and was instantly targeted by the GOP for being anti-american, and they started a beef with her that would drive thousands of people against the right.

    How does anyone not see it and get what's happening? I feel like you would have to have eaten ALL the crazy pills for this to make sense.

  • violently cries and sobs
  • Kind of like asking if we can stop picking up stones and rocks and using them to beat each other and instead use them to build homes.

    This isn't a new fight. There will always be people who take our tools and abuse them by using them to hurt others. That's what we're fighting against, people who use our tools to hurt people instead of doing good. Unfortunately, if we just let people who collect stones and sticks for hurting people be, and not push them out of our village, they will just grow in number and strength so we can't just block it out, we can't live and let live around those who would take your life if they grew strong enough.

    If it's tiring and annoying to see people have to always yell at the club-and-rock-wielding thugs and throw rocks back at them, you don't have to get involved, but don't decry those who DO have the courage to throw rocks back. If they didn't do this, the rocks would start hitting you next.

  • Sovcit is sooooo close..
  • They sure do want us all to live in a world where you have to swipe your credit card to drive anywhere, to go into a store, to walk anywhere, to use a public bathroom, to call 911, to use any services at all.

    But I guess it will be worth it, because I'm sure the ancaps and libertarians and sovcits have a really good plan to keep each of us wealthy enough that privatizing the entirety of civilization won't harm anyone.

  • He'll Be Fine
  • many polls which showed her defeating trump unquestionably.

    And if we were counting actual votes, not the imaginary value of areas of abstract landmass, then it would have been accurate and we would have had a competent person with political experience in office for four years during a pandemic.

    Who knows how that alternative history would have gone down. I can only assume that it would have been far better for our nation's feelings and attitude, which is arguably far more important than even policy. A strong, morally solid population votes in everyone's best interest, a scared and isolated population votes for whatever seems to give them comfort.

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • Why?

    I mean it might have been, but with the modern insanity around politics and guns and violence, and the general unhinged nature of the population generally, it's equally or more likely to be some deranged person with a gun. WHY for the love of god add to the chaos by speculating without any evidence yet? Does it help?

  • Donald Trump speech shooting: Gunshots heard at president’s rally – latest news
  • I wonder how much we're going to hear about the poor person who got shot in the head right behind him, or if they're just incidental margin notes in history, overshadowed by the big WWE media theater that is Trump. Reports are saying at least two crowd members have died.

    edit: the family of the victim has given an update that Trump hasn't even attempted to reach out to them. And also, the guy was an avid nutcase, nazi and racist. The world won't be worse-off, we can sleep easy.

  • Lawyers for megachurch pastor blame 12-year-old for ‘initiating’ sexual contact
  • A 12-year-old cannot consent.

    The people who need to hear this the most are also the ones who will respond to this statement with "No you idiot, it SAYS she initiated!" Or at least inside they will think this.

    I used to think that this kind of statement would carry all the necessary information to teach people about consent, but no, it's not nearly enough. We have several whole generations that skipped PBS and education and reading and life experiences entirely, they have withdrawn to isolated spaces that indulge whatever twisted passions they have and people make far, far less effort to understand concepts than they used to.

    What you have to explain is that what a child thinks they want versus what you, an adult with adult perspectives wants, are not aligned and will lead to massive, massive power imbalances, and we protect children from their own foolish ideas ALL DAY LONG about other things.

    You can do massive damage to a child psychologically by taking away their natural pace of growth and self-discovery and replacing them with your own ideas of what a sexual relationship is. A twelve year-old has another DECADE TO A DECADE AND A HALF to go before they finalize growth and development for the most part. In that time, they will draw on all their life experiences to guide them to a healthy future and a positive attitude about themselves and sex. If someone out there is reading all this and still does not get it, you need to haul yourself to therapy yesterday.

  • Lawyers for megachurch pastor blame 12-year-old for ‘initiating’ sexual contact
  • People genuinely are twisted about sex and age and consent, and there is no truer view into our massive flaws as a species. That we have anyone at all in this age and at this point in our evolution targeting children for self-gratification tells me all I need to know about the Fermi Paradox. We are NOT an advanced species. The very worst of us represents all of us.

  • Anon is anti drugs
  • It says a lot about life broadly that any time we invent or devise some kind of system or chemical for eliminating pain, that substance instantly becomes so addicting that we can no longer manage life at all and it has to be regulated and locked away for our own good.

    Life is pain. Even if you've gone numb to it, every moment hurts in one way or another. You just might not ever notice it until you experience the alternative.

  • Armed to deter cops
  • The reason the police do this is that wage slaves won’t be forced back into the worst, most poorly paid jobs we can find if they’re not facing death by starvation.

    Systemically, yes this is why the police are allowed broadly by society to discourage helping those in need.

    On a more personal, fundamental and visceral level, it's because the police are a product of people who have held power for a long, long time. And you know what poor and homeless people are to the systems that maintain the status quo? They're an inconvenient reminder that our system is designed to benefit a few, and that there are people hoarding gold and diamond backscratchers for every day of the week while children starve on the street.

    That's a pretty downer reminder, isn't it? Throw in some of our human vices that we all share from top to bottom like substance abuse and you have a complete picture of what any of us could become if we're not careful.

    See, for the vast majority of comfortable Americans, the homeless they pass every day are not reminders that humans need help, they are a reminder of failure. In a world where success is measured in dollar signs and possessions, someone without either is a scary, harsh reminder that we're all on a tightrope.

    Brush them aside. Put them somewhere. Get them into some kind of "camp" and shuffle them out of view, lest they spoil this perfect image we have created of the modern world.

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • if you have to wipe with toilet paper anyway, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having a bidet?

    The purpose of a bidet isn't necessarily to make toilet paper unnecessary, it's to clean properly. Before getting a bidet I would just step into the shower and use the removable shower head to wash my ass with a little soap and warm water, towel off after, bam super clean. I still do that, but now the bidet can save a step if I'm in a hurry.

    Basically, try this experiment. (Quoted from some comedian) Smear some poop on the back of your hand. Then wipe it with dry paper and nothing else. Do you feel clean? Ready to go through the day? Of course not! You want to actually wash that off, and that's the pleasant feeling from using a stream of water to feel thoroughly clean, not just removing residue but getting up in there into the outer wrinkles of the butthole, reduces the chance of getting the itchies later.

    (This is particularly of consequence if there is ANY chance whatsoever of ending up naked with another person. You might not notice it, but other people would get hit with a musk the moment your underwear drops, and not the nice kind.)

  • Bidet users, how do you dry your ass afterward?
  • Why are people so confounded by these things? Have y’all never used water to bathe before?

    I feel like some people were never given actual hygiene instructions from their parents growing up. I can only imagine the way some people are so hung up on genitals and waste products that they can't even think about it, those kinds of people going on to have kids... do we really think they're going to pass on useful information on self-care?

    And it's not like there's tons of social messaging and helpful guides all over the place on proper bathroom habits, it's purely a passed-down skillset.

    Every time this comes up on reddit, there are a lot of people sharing stories about knowing men who literally don't wipe their own ass or touch it while showering and just constantly walk around with shit all over their ass. I used to think it was a meme, but then met people in real life who also had encounters with men who thought touching their own ass would "make them gay."

    So yah, people getting anxious about using a bidet? That tracks. I think a lot of people are at very least, just anxious because they've never really been shown anything and might be doubting their own habits. Basically the bathroom and poop and related topics are just this mysterious realm that nobody talks about. Insecurity over our most intimate and private acts is a tradition as old as time itself.

  • Jesus is Fundamentally Socialist
  • The “eye of a needle” referenced here was a small opening in the city walls meant to reduce traffic for security. A camel piled up with goods would would have a difficult time passing through it.

    I also saw that episode of 700 Club when I was a child. Old Pat there suddenly seemed real concerned that we were taking a 4000 year old work into proper context for its time on THAT issue, right?

    I mean it's probably bullshit because of how convenient it is that the lines explicitly saying rich people aren't going to be as blessed are like, the ONLY works that are examined critically and turn out to mean something else entirely? Bull. Fucking. Shit.

    But even if it's not a steaming pile, if you accept this interpretation, doesn't that open up the rest of the bible for complete reimagining and reinterpretation of everything written? How do we know what else is a metaphor or not? So only special 'blessed" people are supposed to translate the text correctly for us illiterate, sinful masses? I think we've been through this debate before in history.

  • Jesus is Fundamentally Socialist

    These fuckers will scream the bible can't be wrong when it comes to judging others but the moment they realize Jesus asked them to do something for other people and not just scream at people who look different, now all of a suddenly, we need to define what the term "riches" mean and we have to take into account it's a 4000 year old work, etc. etc.

  • An Important Distinction [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]
  • Our obsession with owning land and borders will be the death of us all.

    Like, without hyperbole, if we all die, it will be because of our attachment to the concept of "owning land" and having to draw imaginary lines across ground and rock and water to signify who owns what.

    But when you step back and really think about it, it makes zero sense if you actually care about an equitable world where people aren't hurting each other. It makes zero sense from a cosmic perspective, as this is a rock flying around a star, it has been here longer than us and will outlast us to a degree that our presence here, no matter what we do, will be a brief blip in cosmic time. We have no legacy, no real connection to the dirt below us other than how it gave us life. And yet claim ownership over it?

    It makes no sense from a material perspective either, all borders do is reduce the flow of goods and services, creates artificial limits on who can go where creating "pressure zones" that eventually explode over and become migration disasters, and of course the people who pretend to rule these patches of dirt and rock and water and will send millions of people to death to preserve this roleplay. And we all cheer and defend this concept with all our heart.

    Make it make sense.