Skip Navigation Louisiana Legislature approves bill classifying abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances

Louisiana lawmakers have approved a first-of-its-kind bill that would classify two abortion-inducing drugs as a controlled and dangerous substances.

Louisiana Legislature approves bill classifying abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances
AI Generated Statue of Liberty Rubble

This is a viral ai generated image. Depending the statue of liberty made out of Syrian, Palestinian Iraqi, etc. Rubble.

“This is the freedom that they brought”

US Authoritarianism - Elder Abuse Testimonial

Hello, this was sent to me on my main blog. Where I am collecting anecdotes of disabled old women being evicted from nursing home and hospice care.


Elderly Evictions in the 2000s







Prison Blues in Oregon

> Prison Blues garment factory creates durable work jeans and denim apparel. In 1989, we began carrying high-quality Prison Blues shirts, work jackets, jeans and other denim work apparel. We are located in Eastern Oregon near the base of the Blue Mountains in historic Pendleton Oregon, USA. All of our Prison Blues brand clothing are made by inmates currently serving time at the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute.

3 Free Art Collective | Free Art for All. All Art for Free.

A grassroots, not-for-profit that distributes free art and art supplies in Rochester, NY, and across the United States.

Free Art Collective | Free Art for All. All Art for Free.
The US isn't authoritarian
  • OK so this is like the central issue. So I think it’s really important that we discuss it and do our best to try and work out some definitions. From my research so far every indication seems to be that the reason why we don’t have solid definitions to go on yet is because you know history isn’t done yet, we’re still working out what exactly words mean and how to use them . And you know consensus is the only arbiter we have there so it needs to be discussed.

  • Discussing US History with baby boomers
  • Yeah that’s an important thing I have to address. Why do people think that authoritarianism means someone being mean to them?

    Edit: I shouldn’t be that sour about it. Definitions are super important part and I’ve seen this coming for months., But there does seem to be like a rather substantive difference between like political science definitions of authoritarianism versus like general use public definitions. Like the general public seems to be really about like on an individual level, and I just don’t think that’s super helpful when you’re talking about governmental structure. there’s a little bit of overlap, but that’s not what the focus of most of the academic writing on the subject is so what pops up on Google when you just google “authoritarian“ is not the definition I’m operating off of, no.

    Edit2: But yeah, oh yeah yeah yeah, the US being both a democracy and massively a fan of authoritarian governance is exactly what the memes about and you know trying to talk to anybody about that really seems to be like half of people take it as such a given like your baby for not having gotten over that when you were a kid and the other half like consider it an assault against the soul of America

  • US Authoritarianism Original Meme
  • thats completely fair. its future historians who get to have settled terms and that only comes from us in the present doing our best to hash it out. By my assessments, the etymology and definition of authoritarian does support the idea that the US heavily involves autocratic elements in its governance, and can be described as authoritarian. I specifically avoid calling the US fascist because that's an argument that mostly makes sense to people outside the US, and my core audience is within the imperial core. At the end of the day, I did just need to pick a term that seemed to fit best and be effective at communicating my argument, and authoritarianism is what ive settled on for the foreseeable future. Though, i would say there's a lot of overlap in our thoughts on the subject. The core argument this meme is trying to reference is the idea that because segregation and chattel slavery were race based apartheid style systems, and that is a subsection of authoritarianism, then for most of US history the republic has operated as part of an authoritarian system. ==> so why does saying it out loud massively violate american taboos about its own history and relationship as a state to white supremacy? chiefly, that it was founded on it, and operated on it. until like .... within living memory. thats the official version of events. bizarre. but its not bizarre. its exactly how language and societies react when states do this.

  • US Authoritarianism Original Meme
  • That is the definition of individual authoritarianism not institutional authoritarianism. Basically just the first half of the definition. Whereas the aspect I focus on is exactly what you were getting to at the end there. That general definition is from The Authoritarian Personality and is not accepted as definitive in any academic studies of authoritarianism in governance. So I suppose what I am doing here is operating off of an academic definition that is not nearly as commonly used as I was assuming. Tho -side note- it is quite interesting to think about how this public?definition has been used to make the argument that the entire moral and psychological basis of conservatism as a whole, is individual authoritarianism.

  • From the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorist Symbols Guide”
  • Let me explain... ...I don't know how to explain that when a law enforcement agency says that it is only interested in investigating your organization for crimes. that is. not something that you should take as reassuring. It outlines a level of trust in the establishments of imperial power that ,. supporters of this line of thought here would be okay with showing cops around the clubhouse, because you're confident they won't decide that what you are doing here is a crime. It is an avenue for the state to label its own political opponents as [legal to oppress with state power]s. All of the nonsense in this thread of is providing cover for that and that's the end of it for me.



    normal average americans that fly the confederate flag are white supremists. They are supporting domestic terrorism. like that even gets at all what i mean. this whole thing exists to make the 'inherent racial hierarchy' that this country was founded on and operated under for its entire dam history up until .. .. . . . . wHen?EXACtly?? just palatable enough that I get looked at like Im the crazy one for bringing up how the pattern of suppressing communist and anarchist political factions in the united states is the f*CkInG God**MN **kING POInT of thE FBI fUK

  • From the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorist Symbols Guide”
  • I have included the link to the source document directly in the post. It was accessible through the source link at the bottom at any time. -moving past that- my favorite part of the source document is how Anarchists are the only ones to get an actual "tactics" section. Whereas, the militas get a list of crimes



  • From the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorist Symbols Guide”
  • a completely understandable assumption. That ones on me. the paragraph right above where this screenshot cuts off actually super pinky swears that they won't keep track of people just for using them.

  • From the FBI’s “Domestic Terrorist Symbols Guide”

    i mean absolutely no personal disrespect to any of you, but I find myself genuinely coming away with the opinion that this might be the laziest community I have ever been responsible for helping build.

    and this is an offshoot of a subreddit

    __ The source. of the screenshot. was in . the post. i linked. as source. WHy does this comment have 7 upvotes and no downvOTEs? __

    I am not implying dick. edit-They say it right there


    hem to paraphrase:

    'this document is about terrorism' - 'specifically anarchists'

    they 'hate authority' and 'do crimes'

    'we dont generally care about any of this, but reserve the right to'

    'and courts say thats the end of it'


    I know I dont have the final say on anything. that would be weird.


    This is just an identification guide for symbols.

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