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"Fry" is an ambiguous word in English
  • "cook well in a cold oven" at least makes sense in the context of the time. Ovens then were not supplied continuous heat - instead, they were fired up to a high heat, and then as it slowly cooled food was baked in them according to the current temperature. A cold or slow oven would be at the low end, and a hot or quick oven would be shortly after it was first heated.

  • What industry secret are you aware of that most people aren't?
  • In the US, at least, there are two levels of medical emergency responders. An EMT is a basic first responder, and receives 170-200 hours of training. A paramedic has more advanced training (1200-1800) and is able to perform more procedures and administer medicine. Most ambulance crews are one EMT and one paramedic.

  • "We're committed to release firmware updates to our devices at least until 2026" - says a company that launched a device with a 3 years old version of android.
  • Not excusing the practice, but I'm pretty sure Boox products use a highly customized version of the android kernel to work better with eInk screens. It's not as simple as just using the latest AOSP for them. Sadly, this also seems to be standard across all eInk Android tablets, though it looks like at least some Boox products use Android 12, while most of the space is stuck on Android 11.