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Hit head to taste seafood
  • Whenever I injure myself enough to bleed I get a metallic taste, kinda like the iron in blood I guess. I could see how someone else might get a more salt water seafood taste if this happened to them

  • Is there any significance to people using emojis that match their skin tone?
  • It's still pretty light if we're considering the array of skin tones that are throughout humanity. If you weren't Finnish, but instead African or Indian or South American for example, maybe you wouldn't feel that yellow was representative of you and your people. Saying yellow is fine for everyone because you feel it's fine isn't taking into account the other billions of opinions in the world.

  • So...
  • There is an story that is being told, with events and a plot and characters, regardless of how brief it is. Your opinion on whether it's a good story or not doesn't matter.

    Also why the sudden hostility? You alright dude?