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Moon cave discovered that could one day house humans
  • Do we have any reason to believe there's giant blocks of pure, rare metals on the moon or asteroids? At least on earth we (well mostly China) gets them by processing more common metals and extracting the tiny portion of REs.

    We did neocolonialism. It was profitable. Nobody forgot that.

    *are doing, is profitable

    There's no brown people on the moon you can give a dictator weapons to in exchange for keeping the people selling their labor and resources for peanuts.

  • Moon cave discovered that could one day house humans
  • We already have neocolonialism on earth.

    I don't see how the economics of space mining is supposed to work out. We have tons of ore on earth, in existing mines, just sitting there, because it's more expensive to expand the mine/process less pure ores than the result is worth. It's not like there's asteroids of pure platinum floating around.

  • staged rule
  • if trump dies the chosen successor would soak up the sympathy

    I don't think any successor would be able to unite republicans as effectively as Trump did. They wouldn't go away, but Biden might have a shot at getting reelected.

    Disclaimer: Biden is too senile, and the rest of the DNC are cowards resigned to a second Trump presidency to arrange something like this.

  • Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • Advocating the death penalty for people who've committed mass social murder is not murder.

    White collar crime like this is the only case where the death penalty might be useful, since these people actually do a risk-benefit analysis.

  • Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • I understand exactly what you're saying, you are saying that Chinese officials don't really care about endangering people's lives, they just care about the consequences for doing so.

    I'm telling you that's how all political systems work.

  • Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • That's just how an effective political system works. The governor and the people they appointed to cut expenses for Flint MI's water system didn't care enough about the potential consequences for the people of Flint because they knew there wouldn't be severe consequences for them.

    No system functions because it depends on people being good kind caring people.

  • European leader wonders why 'no one is asking about' Trump’s 'bizarre' ramblings: Senate Dem
  • Zionists run the media

    The tail is wagging the dog here. Israel is a manifestation of the US military-industrial complex. The US gives Israel money for the purpose of buying American weapons, the profit of which is used by Raytheon and co to support more money for Israel.

    They wouldn't be investing that money in buying positive media and supporting Israel if it wasn't profitable.

  • Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • Last major Chinese food poisoning scandal I'm aware of, that killed 8 babies, resulted in 2 executions, 3 life-in-prisons (including the CEO), and 7 government officials getting fired.

    They take this shit seriously. Wonder how it'll shake out.

  • What is Blue MAGA? Joe Biden's vocally online defenders
  • The people using that term aren't maga, they're leftists criticizing liberals for doing/supporting things we all agreed were bad under Trump, such as putting thousands of immigrants into concentration camps and illegally denying asylum seekers.

  • 70%
  • It's a quid pro quo. If a candidate cannot credibly tell someone they will materially improve their life enough to be worth missing a day of work, they're not gonna get their vote.

  • Loyalty to the flag
  • Canada

    Canada is just as bad, and not just the basic stuff like poisoning their drinking water and the state stealing children. Ask an old first nations person to tell you about the history, things like starlight tours and child abduction that make it into the official narrative is just the tip of the ice burg.

    But Canada or Europe pressuring America would be completely different, since Canada or Europe aren't using it to make their population more accepting of sanctions, bombing, or invasion of America.

    We’re pretty powerless against our government

    That's true, but we're infinitely less influential of other governments. Mohammed Mokhber isn't gonna log on, see americans furious with the Iranian government's treatment of gay people and say "Oh shit gays are just as deserving of human rights", nor will Biden read it and announce all gay Iranians are eligible for asylum. Rather Americans log in, go "look at those barbarians", and support sanctions, bombing, and invasion.

    The same mechanism is why media outlets that support the the genocide of Gaza also run articles decrying the plight of gay people in Gaza.

  • Loyalty to the flag
  • 2 reasons:

    1. The reletive silence suggests most people who talk about minority rights in China don't actually care about minorities rights, because I see >100 "but what about the uhigars or women in Iran" or w/e for every post about the poisoning of Hawaiian or Dakota water.

    2. We can actually have positive impacts on native Americans, when it comes to minorities in enemies of America, it's just carrying water for hostile action that hurt those people as much as anyone else. A productive context for that discussion wouldn't involve Americans.

    Same when articles trot out LGBT rights in Gaza or Iran or Russia as if those groups don't suffer from hunger and lack of medicine due to western sanctions.

  • United States | News & Politics alcoholicorn

    Democrats resubmit border shutdown bill Senate to Vote Again on Border Deal as Democrats Seek Political Edge

    The bipartisan border enforcement compromise, blocked by Republicans in February, is all but certain to be thwarted again. Democrats aim to tag the G.O.P. as the culprit in its failure.

    >Among other changes to immigration law, the measure would make it more difficult to gain asylum in the United States and increase detentions and deportations of those crossing into the country without authorization. It would also effectively close the border altogether if the average number of migrants encountered by immigration officials exceeded a certain threshold — an average of 5,000 over the course of a week or 8,500 on any given day. The bill also would give the president power to close the border unilaterally if migrant encounters reach an average of 4,000 per day over a week.