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Biden campaign calls Trump ‘Broke Don’ after he lags in fundraising
  • “I know not everyone’s feeling enthusiasm. The other day a defeated man … came up to me and said, Mr. President I’m being crushed by debt, I’m completely wiped out,” Biden said. “I had to say, ‘I’m sorry Donald, I can’t help you.’”

    This is pretty funny too. I hope Biden keeps saying stuff like this lol

  • First US Abrams tanks arrive in Ukraine
  • I'm also going to point out that we (US) spend more per person on healthcare than most other countries. There doesn't need to be a cut to the military to give everyone healthcare, since universal healthcare would probably cost less money

  • EVs
  • The people making the deliveries still need to have a way to deliver your groceries to you + not everyone has the money to pay someone to deliver all their groceries. Wfh is great, but it does not mean the transportation system doesn't need to be reformed, since not every job can be done from home, and people usually have other places to go besides work and grocery stores.

  • Why does Dana Scully not believe in aliens or any of the other weirdness in the x-files?
  • There's a fan theory (that became my headcanon as soon as I heard it) that the episodes we see are the minority of their cases that are actually supernatural. Most of their cases have mundane explanations so Scully is always skeptical because she's usually right.

  • Lab-grown meat can be halal and kosher
  • Some of the cows slaughtered for meat are pregnant. Fetal bovine serum comes from the blood extracted from these cow fetuses.

    Since it is used to produce lab grown meat, it is not vegetarian

  • Microwave garlic bread

    Bread + olive oil + garlic powder + nutritional yeast + oregano, microwaved for 15 seconds

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