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Europe’s new political consensus: We need to make more weapons
  • Not really. Defense is easier than offense at this point. And offense becomes a lot cheaper in a world where everyone is keeping the prices of weapons lower.

    Don't be an economist, be smart and look at data to see where it goes. America vs Afghanistan. Using a ten million dollar missile to take out a guy with a hundred dollar rifle. Or look at Russia unable to beat a country right on their border that they greatly outnumber.

    War is expensive, offensive war more expensive. Everyone armed means arms cost less money. We don't require that the entire world be pacifist to get peace just enough, just like we don't need every single person to agree to not commit rape to enforce rape laws.

  • Non-binary
  • Male-female, darkness-light, plant-animal, ying-yang, mind-body, earth-heaven, spiritual-physical, prime-composite, even-odd

    3 laws of motion, thermo, robotics, of dielect, and Trinity assignment.

    Something strange about us that it is easier to think of opposites but following 3 rules.

  • What Radicalized You?
  • Your sewage system is already partially private. I can say this with confidence if you live anywhere on earth outside of maybe North Korea.

    It's a question of how much. Like my city for example: if you had a sewage emergency at night the people who show work for a private company. All the people working, part-time, there are pretty much retired government workers. Now is this a big deal? I personally don't think so. The same company that services the night for my city has it for the neighboring ones. It just makes sense to have this be a part time job that spans a big area vs hire someone full-time to only work in one city.

    Now who built your system? It was almost certainly a private company. That subcontracted it out to other private companies. Is this a big deal? Meh, it depends. I have seen incompetence in both government engineers/project managers and I have seen it in private sector as well.

    Now who maintains your system? Well again it depends. Some special snowflake equipment you are going to have to call the OEM or their rep, day to day stuff the local government employees can usually handle.

    I guess my point is your system is already partially private and I am not really convinced altering it more government or less government would add any additional benefit. We have a system that basically works.

  • Non-binary
  • One day aliens are going to meet us and wonder what happened in our evolution that made us biased towards seeing every noun in groups of two, except for rules of nouns which are in groups of three.

  • More than half of Americans think the U.S. is in a recession. It's not.
  • I know I am double plus ungood for not having blind unseeing faith in YOUR economist friends.

    We are in a recession. When the facts, not opinions not definitions, change I will upgrade my assessment. In the meantime I plan to continue to live in the real world, not in the fake delusions of shills for big banks.

  • More than half of Americans think the U.S. is in a recession. It's not.
  • Total compensation packages including benefits derived from speaking engagements, endorsements, discounts for family members, and insider trading. Have multiple independent auditing agencies produce numbers and make it a ten year federal offense prison sentence to take a bribe for determining it.

  • crafting afraid_of_zombies
    It's not perfect but with 3 different threads it is nice and warm
    It's peanut butter jelly time!


    Each braid had a light jam filling in it. Braiding was a bit of a challenge. It however was worth the effort. So guess I got a new thing to explore, since spice painting is figured out, and that is fillings.

    Yesterday's work

    I am really struggling moving over from counter bulk rises to fridge ones. This is my first attempt with a braided bread. 6 hours in my refrigerator and ended up adding an hour during second rise. Tastes great but I haven't gotten the process down yet.

    Alright feeling pretty good about this one

    Nuts: almond + walnut ground up Wash: olive oil, egg, milk, and honey Add-ons: 3.5 tablespoons of peanut butter powder, some chocolate chips, and 50 grams almond flour Spice painting: cinnamon on one side and peanut butter on the other

    On a personal note I am thinking about 18 more braided loads before I move on to other bakes.

    Partial Failure on another oeanute butter loaf

    Had to rush through the braiding process and it definitely shows. However the tastes was fine. Ground the walnuts and almond flakes this time.

    I will continue to post failures as well as successes since I think that makes for a healthier online community

    Increased Peanut Butter powder to two tablespoons


    Increased peanut butter powder to two tablespoons. Wash is a mix of spice painted cinnamon and peanut butter powder over a layer of egg+olive oil+honey+milk, slight amount of coconut powder in dough

    Now with peanut butter powder

    ! ! !

    Cinnamon on outside the lighter color on the inside is from peanut butter powder

    crafting afraid_of_zombies
    Two newest scarfs

    Finished yesterday. Not where I want to be but I am making progress.

    Braided with half almond half pumpkin, almond flour mixed with white

    I could swear the dough somehow knows when my heart isn't in it and I am just going through the motions. Still tasty but not what I wanted. Fluffier than last time which I attribute to adding less flour during kneeding and not letting it sit as long in braided form.

    Apple and Cinnamon, froze the apples before bake

    Still can't get the apples right. I might try thicker slices and freezing. However, I am happy with how it tastes overall.

    crafting afraid_of_zombies
    3rd crotchet project, adult scarf. Used two threads for adding thickness and warmth
    Cinnamon, almond, and apple rev 2

    Tried adding the apples midway through the bake and they wouldn't stick :( still they didn't get that too toasted effect the last one had. Clearly room for improvement. Still happy with this bake.

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