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Kermit as Dirk Diggler
  • Ken Burns switch to black & white then slowly zoom in

    "But Kermit would leave the cast of Sesame Street shortly afterwards and enter what are now known as The Tortured Years.

    While he did star in a number of high profile movies in the late 1970s and 1980s, behind the scenes he was suffering according to his closest friends."

    cut to Sweetums sitting in a director's chair and recalling heavy drug use

  • I got this popup ad on my TV **while watching a DVD**
  • The Roku box was one of the good ones... about ten years ago. Though maybe this is just a TV thing. TIL Roku makes actual screens.

    In the past few years especially, I've seen so many unshakable "good ones" go bad. Some, in the worst possible way.

  • TIL my wife shares a birthday with Gene Roddenberry

    (This was quietly deleted from the @startrek.webaite magazine without explanation, so I'm putting it here if that's alright. If talking about Star Trek isn't allowed, what is?)

    We were talking about what famous people we shared a birthday with. She told me she already knew about Bill Clinton, so I looked up a list and learned for the first time that Gene Roddenberry was born on August 19th.

    Then I was surprised again to find out that Jonathan Frakes has the same birthday.

    Then I was surprised AGAIN to find out that Jonathan Frakes' character, William T. Riker, also has the same birthday.

    AND, according to Memory Alpha:

    • William Marshall (Dr. Daystrom)
    • Diana Muldaur (Ann Mulhall / Miranda Jones / Dr. Pulaski)
    • Robert Blackman (Costume Designer)

    My birthday, not so interesting. She doesn't even like Star Trek. 😑


    Voyager now forces sorting feeds by Active

    (Voyager 1.29.0, iOS, iPhone SE2)

    Despite setting the app to sort by Hot, re-applying said setting, and manually sorting by Hot, the sort always changes back to Active once I leave and re-enter a feed.

    This just started happening with the latest iOS update.

    Edit: Problem resolved itself after re-applying the setting over and over. Probably not an actual bug.


    unscrollable video fields on iOS 17.1 & Voyager 1.17.1

    When autoplaying video appears in the main feed it is not possible to scroll using the area of the screen occupied by the video.

    If the video is portrait, and fills the screen, it is no longer possible to navigate the feed without finding a way back or force quitting the app.

    This bug was reported here previously and it was said at the time that it was iOS' fault and that the beta of iOS 17.1 fixed the problem. The problem remains.

    Voyager 1.17.1 running on iOS 17.1 using an iPhone SE (2nd Generation).