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When my home instance has been lagging behind LW by 1-2 hours all day....
  • I've been using this one a bit more during these federation backups. I can't really adopt it as my daily driver, though. My home instance is the one I run, so I tend to favor it. lol

  • When my home instance has been lagging behind LW by 1-2 hours all day....
  • If my instance ever gets sync'd back up where I can interact in something approximating real-time, I may make that happen lol.

  • Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me
  • Oh, I was just lamenting that such a garbage post is contributing to the backlog because of the activities it generates (which LW has to federate out since its "owns" the community this was posted in). Basically a potshot at a low-effort, shit take of a post.

  • Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me
  • It's a Lemmy thing. Basically latency limits the maximum number of activities that can be sent per second (they're sent like TCP: serially, and each must be acknowledged). When LW has a LOT of activities to send out, they can get backlogged if there's significant latency between LW and other federated servers.

    That's the gist of it, anyway.

  • Why anyone would think otherwise is beyond me
  • Good lord, I can't believe Lemmy World's federation queue is backed up for so many other instances because of stupid shit like this.

  • people added "reversism" to things like descimination & racism just because it's harder for them to recognize it when it's the other way around
  • OP, the wording of the post is very confusing. Would you mind perhaps editing the post to clarify your opinion?


  • Lemmy is a worse platform for women than Reddit was
  • I think the distributed nature of the Fediverse is a big part of it. Lot of moderation policies at play, on a lot of different instances and some allow some real jerks to flourish and spill out elsewhere. I have zero tolerance for any of that garbage and am very quick with my block/ban buttons, but those are only effective on my own instance or the few communities I moderate outside that.

    OP, best I can suggest is to report them. Most of the communities I interact with are pretty responsive to those kinds of reports and similarly don't tolerate it. Mods, unfortunately, can't read every comment and often rely on reports to know when to look deeper/take action.

    And don't feel bad about blocking the jerks. There's a lot of them, lol.

  • Damn it, Elaine.
  • As a GIF, that scene looks like it's cut from a horror movie lol.

  • Damn it, Elaine.
  • Lol, yeah. I was referencing the plot (Elaine accidentally grabs her breast in the sauna and tells Jerry she think's they're fake).

    Also, I tried to merge that exact GIF into the static image but failed miserably 😆.

  • 3
    Sick of internet moderators and their ego trips.
  • Lol, what stalking? I was just browsing this sub, saw an inflammatory post, so I clicked the "User Modlog" button to see what you were talking about (rarely, but occasionally these kinds of whining posts have some merit - this is not one of those cases). I'm replying from this account because you're banned on my instance.

    All of the comments that were modded (which are visible, BTW), were displaying very jerk-like behavior.

    I have a birds-eye view of a lot of things, and people acting like jerks and then whining and playing the victim is one of the oldest plays in the book.

    Again, you're lashing out when you need to be looking in.


  • The Starlink constellation hasn't increased for 4 months. Over 1,000 satellites showing inactive. NASA scientist says enormous amount of SpaceX satellites burning up could erode atmosphere killing us.
  • I've seen this site get spammed in the past, but it's been a few months. Guess they're at it again.

    That whole site is an unholy mixture of religion, conspiracy, and Elon Musk. It's bonkers.

    Basically if you see tiblur [dot] com, you can pretty much just report it as spam.

  • Supporting local businesses by paying more is incredibly stupid
  • Is it weird that I read your reply in Frasier's voice?

  • Supporting local businesses by paying more is incredibly stupid
  • There's an amazing bakery near me that's like that. People have just kind of adapted, and it seems to work well for the business. They start at like 4 in the morning to bake everything they're going to sell for the day, open at 7, and are pretty much always sold out by 10:30 or 11.

    If I recall, I think they do a lot of catering, so the part of the shop that's open to the public is kind of an afterthought. I'm never able to get there when they have the good stuff, but it's an amazing treat when someone from the office stops by early in the morning and brings a box of something.

  • U.S Troops Loot Syrian Oil and Wheat Continuously
  • Rule 3 seems to be very unenforced lately 😠

  • Children below 12 yrs must get to sit with at least one parent: DGCA to airlines

    MBFC Credibility Rating: LOW CREDIBILITY

    Overall, we rate the Hindustan Times Left-Center Biased and questionable due to poor sourcing, numerous failed fact checks, and the promotion of propaganda

    Questionable Reasoning: Pseudoscience, Propaganda, Poor Sourcing, Numerous Failed Fact Checks
    Bias Rating: LEFT-CENTER
    Factual Reporting: MIXED
    Country: India
    MBFC’s Country Freedom Rating: MODERATE FREEDOM
    Media Type: Newspaper
    Traffic/Popularity: High Traffic
  • More Americans should be involved in partisan politics
  • Yeah, I got that from the post, and I appreciate it. Which is why I've chosen to leave it up. It's certainly an unpopular opinion based on the types of comments I've seen elsewhere, it's not calling out anything specifically, and the message is important.

    If you want to edit it to be more generic, that'd be cool. Otherwise, I'm just gonna watch to make sure the discussions/comments don't go off the rails. When the new mod team took over, we all agreed we should leave politics at the door since it's everywhere and sometimes you just need a reprieve.

    Not sure where the line is for that, exactly, but I'm willing to allow some generic, good-faith discussion once in a while. May need to chat with the other mods to see how they feel about it.

  • More Americans should be involved in partisan politics
  • For the record, I agree with everything you're saying.

    As a mod, I have to say "Rule 1: No Politics".

    That said, I'm going to allow this as long as it remains civil and discussion is done in good faith without "Godwin's Law" coming into play. I'll be actively moderating this thread, so please keep discussions as generic as possible, and no blaming/figer-pointing/name-calling/etc. I'll probably also be locking it once I'm unable to keep an eye on it (no offense and nothing personal, OP).

    That that said, other mods of the community may disagree and remove it, as it is technically violating rule 1 (which we all agreed was for the ultimate benefit of the community). If one of the other mods decides this post should be removed, then I support that decision.

    So, for now, carry on, but be civil.

  • In light of AI being trained on our data, why not comment in forums using images exclusively?
  • Because that would greatly harm accessibility for the visually impaired.

    And if you wanted to adhere to accessibility guidelines for the conversational images, you'd need to add alt text to them. But then the ML models can train on that, so you're back to square one.

  • Community Update: Effective Immediately, We are Rebranding as "Popular Opinions"

    Since the world is so depressing right now, the mod team has agreed to rebrand this community as "Popular Opinions" to try to lighten the mood.

    Instead of than sharing opinions that highlight our differences, share the ones that everyone can agree on.

    The voting guidelines remain the same: Upvote if you agree it's a popular opinion, downvote if you think it's an unpopular opinion.

    So, let's hear some things we can all get on board with!

    In conclusion, happy April Fool's Day!

    Note: This is a real rule change and will be enforced, but only for today as a fun change of pace. Normal rules return tomorrow.

    Since we're all on differen timezones, we'll be running these rules midnight to 23:59 UTC.

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