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Ioniq 5 & EV6 spotted supercharging, native NACS coming soon?
  • The communication standard is the same, but until Tesla authorizes Hyundai public keys on superchargers, you won't be able to initialize a session.

    The native ccs plug means you can use current CCS stations at 800v 240kw charging without an adapter, while when NACS connectors roll out you will have to use an adapter to pull 240kw at existing CCS stations while you will be able to pull only ~150kw @400v from Tesla superchargers until they eventually roll out v4 superchargers in the US. I for one would rather use an adapter for the lower power Tesla connection than having to use one on high power CCS stations, so I'm happy I have a CCS car.

  • Biden administration sets 50 miles per gallon fuel economy standard for 2031
  • I'm not the kind of person who wants a new car always either. I have a 15 year old Acura with 200k on it. At $300/month, I no longer have gas or maintenance expenses, and I don't have to pump gas any more. Figuring in the cost savings, I figure I'm driving a $50k car around for around $100 month. Idk what will happen in 2027 when I give this thing back to them, but it definitely would have cost me more than $3600 in repairs over three years with a 200k mile Acura.

  • Biden administration sets 50 miles per gallon fuel economy standard for 2031
  • They are expensive to buy outright, but that's arguably a bad idea anyway due to the depreciation. They are leasing Ioniq 5 and 6 for less than $250/month and $200/month:

    It's cheaper than most of the gas cars in terms of cost to own over the period. If you want to buy. The Kona electric is $32,xxx

  • So much winning! So Many Unsold Teslas Are Piling Up That You Can See Them From Space
  • The problem is a Tesla drives like a Tesla rather than a regular car, and it's jarring to first time EV buyers. There are enough regular car EVs now that have improved to the point where you don't need to adjust yourself and all potential drivers of your car to Tesla.

    I could probably have gotten used to the lack of physical controls and the permanent full regen setting, but my 70 year old mom would have a hard time adjusting. Instead, she can drive my non Tesla EV without too much adjustment.

  • Biden administration sets 50 miles per gallon fuel economy standard for 2031
  • Look at the Hyundais, ~300 mile range, 15 min battery charge, and they have a sedan and a cuv wagon thing. They are also some of the cheapest leases you can get, and dealers are overflowing with them. It's basically the EV wishlist, but for some reason I don't see many on the road.

  • Biden administration sets 50 miles per gallon fuel economy standard for 2031
  • You probably already know this but a level 2 charger is actually more efficient than a level 1 charger. It's counter intuitive, but the reason is that the car being powered on to accept a charge runs at around 400w, so immediately 1/5 of your draw on the level 1 charger goes to just keeping the car on. It's better to charge faster and let the car sleep longer if you can.

  • FTC bans most noncompete agreements between employers and workers
  • If your friend paid a competitive wage with the other company using the same equipment, while also providing an equal or better working environment, he would be able to retain the employees, and find an equilibrium for those moving to and from his competitor.

    The only reason he would need a contractual limitation is if he was offering worse wages or a worse working environment.

  • Americans Are Open To Cheap Chinese Cars. That’s 'Scary' For The Rest Of The Auto Industry
  • The difficult part of this is that you'd have to have a car with 30% + 15% more range than your minimum, because your daily usage will be between 80% at full charge and 10% at lowest charge, and you will lose 15% efficiency in cold weather, snow, rain, headwinds.

    So for a minimum of 175 miles of range you really have to shop for a car with ~250 miles of range to be usable for you. I strongly believe we will see cars in the 30k price bracket with 250 miles of EPA range, but they are going to come with tech.

  • How would you hide a paperclip in your home/apartment to win a contest against an investigator?
  • Unscrew the aerator on the kitchen sink, bend the paperclip so it makes a loop that holds it tight inside of the faucet, and push it up inside the faucet. Then reinstall the aerator.

    You can't metal detect it, it won't affect water flow, and it would be simple to retrieve.

  • I plan on blowing my brains out soon.
  • I understand where you are coming from. First, procure some psilocybin mushrooms and take a dose of that. If you don't still feel better after 24 hours, plan a bank robbery. I mean it- If you are going to die anyway, rob the tellers drawers for 5-10k, and then fly to Bangkok and party in a place where you will be embraced.

  • Fishing report- long sound, everglades national park

    25.2354879, -80.4575100

    Had some good Backcountry fishing here, clear shallow water and plenty of snapper. To fish and boat in everglades national park, you need the park pass (get it online), and you need to take an online boating course, which is free. In key largo, if you are north of the intercoastal waterway, you are already in everglades national park.

    This spot was fairly easy to get to, but the pass coming out of blackwater sound was pretty shallow at around 2ft, so be careful on the way in. Watch for manatees in the area as well.

    Free everglades boating course:


    Banner Image Sandbar Coordinates

    25.0600998,-80.3674239 "Mosquito sandbar"

    If you have a draft more than about 24", best approach is from the channel side from the south, or from offshore side. Shallow reefs inshore of sandbar area. Best conditions are at negative tide with seas <= 1ft reported at Molassas Reef. Expect approximately 3-5ft depths at shallowest spots, so bring floats for short people and those who aren't swimmers. Bottom is coarse white coral sand.