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Customer who filed complaint against TD Bank refuses to sign gag order to get compensation
  • TD has screwed me enough times to leave for another bank; Considering everything I had was with Canada Trust, that was no small feat... but a consistent and ongoing problem of:

    1. Told them I was traveling, please don't lock the cards; cards locked for fraud protection on day 1 and we cant check into hotel. Spent the night in a bar that accepted the backup cash.
    2. Inheritance cheque was "Lost" and took 2 years to recover the money. Thank fuck for taking a photo of it on arrival.
    3. Account hacked- brokerage account. No way anyone could just randomly get into it or have conned us; we check it once a year at best. took almost the entire account in 499 increments until it was dry. Took a year took a year and police investigation to get that money back.
    4. Ongoing small fees and interest that should not be there trying to get snuck past on statements.

    Finally left after almost loosing a hundred grand.

    No one who values their money should ever do business with that bank. They cant even do the one thing a bank is there to do.

  • Your work schedule as a young adult may harm your health decades later, study finds
  • Worked nights for 7 years from the age of 18.... Biological clock defaults to 3am-noon regardless of timezone. Anything happening in the AM results in me being a zombie. Trouble getting to sleep before midnight... I've lost jobs over this. Wasn't a problem before I took that job....

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