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A cool guide to the names of the different types of head coverings Muslim women wear
  • What's the market look like for these? Homemade to top tier brands?

  • YouTube Music finally adds 'Mark as played' for podcasts
  • Having to maintain a plethora of brands with their own unique podcasts, I really do hate using YouTube podcasts. It is very unfriendly to brand managers.

  • A cool guide safe and risky foods for dogs
  • Why make things bacon flavored then? Where's my Tide Pods flavored go-gurts?

  • Shots fired at Trump at Rally in PA
  • Says you and you already sound boring.

  • A cool guide about the meaning of life according to different schools of philosophy.
  • Found my way there but have taken the path of absurdism. It has changed my life.

  • A Cool Guide Scorpions The Deadliest Animal
  • I honestly didn't know what was going to happen. I was house sitting my parents place and they don't live close to a hospital. A quick Google search and I assumed I'd be okay. If it didn't work out that way, well, I was ready for that too.

  • A Cool Guide Scorpions The Deadliest Animal
  • Years back, I had too close an interaction with one. Was morning and I rolled out a bed, put on a shirt from a luggage bag and walked to the kitchen. I felt a needle into my stomach but my first thought was maybe a thread from my waist line. Felt another needle jam and looked down the neck hole of my shirt.

    That's when I saw the ugly mf crawling up the shirt side of my inner shirt toward me. I yanked that T off so fast. It was able to scurry under the oven and I never saw it again. Had cramps the entire day and minor bruising shortly after but that was it.

  • Republicans' Capitol Hill pep rally for Trump's return was a flop
  • Was that not the intent of jan 6th? No re-do.

  • is ADHD harder to manage with time?
  • Thanks. Doc and I had a conversation about it just recently. He's closing shop which means I'm back to shuffling record releases that go many moves and a decade plus long. There's a quality of life that I've come to appreciate; it can get expensive finding a doctor that shares the same viewpoint.

  • is ADHD harder to manage with time?
  • Is the drive still there at all? Only a few days of no-dose and I no longer have the energy or consideration to even be motivated.

  • Tesco's Laser-Etched Avocados to Save on Packaging Waste - Core77
  • Only when folks don't believe their dollar spent affects things.

  • Privacy tool
  • Crossfit

  • Woww Rule
  • Here everything is better

  • Americans, what's the plan if Trump wins the election in November? (serious)
  • I really don't want to be here if it happens. Full stop.

  • Abbott’s Stormtroopers Beat Man to Death in Texas
  • Yeah, the piss baby is a shit head.