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If only everyone wishing to be older already knew this part


Happy loving day!!

It's been 57 short t years since my marriage has been a guaranteed right in the United States. It just blows my mind since my wife and I have been married for 24 years.


Happy loving day!!

It's been 57 short years since it was a guaranteed right in the US that my wife and I could have our marriage recognized everywhere. To put that into perspective, we have been married for 24 years. When we got married I had no idea that there was ever a a question that we could be together. It's pretty insane to me.

Can't update/remove/install on Fedora because of "no disk space"
  • Btrfs and df don't get along. There are all sorts of internals to btrfs that non btrfs utils ignore. You should run

    sudo btrfs filesystem df /
    sudo btrfs device usage /

    It will give you a better picture of what is going on.

    Balancing my help as someone above pointed out, or you may need to boot to a live media of some kind and rebuild the free space cache. Especially with btrfs I encourage people to join their mailing list for help. The devs are awesome and can help you get sorted out.

  • Can't update/remove/install on Fedora because of "no disk space"
  • Duh... Fedora not Ubuntu/Debian/Et al.

    sudo dnf clean

    It's been a while since I have run a redhat derivative... I think that was either the last iteration of mandrake or the first iteration of mandriva.

    And the journal isn't garbage persay, it's a bunch of logs and whatnot that can be useful in certain diagnostics... Especially with op running all those snap packages. But in this case, clearing it is probably a better option then not clearing it

  • Can't update/remove/install on Fedora because of "no disk space"
  • Fedora is systems, right? The easiest way to gain some (temporary) space is to clean out the journal and whatever logs you don't need. It can grow quite big.

    sudo journalctl --vacuum-size=100M

    Will shrink it to something manageable. This will buy you some time to clean up until the journal grows again.

    Also, clearing the apt cache will probably help free up some root partition space

    sudo apt clean

    Your root partition where packages are stored and all the logs and transactional databases might be full even if your home directory has tons of free space.

  • Facts.
  • Sure. With raspberries you can use dried berries, leafs, roots. It's a pretty versatile plant.

    You can also make tea out of gummi bears too

    Again: put stuff in hot water and let it soak. Strain said stuff and you have what is loosely defined as tea.

    I probably wouldn't do used radial tire tea, but if that's what floats your boat, knock yourself out.

  • Old XKCD, still relevant
  • I suppose it is tar version dependent, but on any recent Linux version I have used, you can just tar xvf <tar_name.tar.{z,gz,xz,etc}> and it will automatically figure out if it is compressed, what tools were used to compress it, and how to decompress it.

    But you are right, x and c are mutually exclusive.

  • My mind was blown today when I learned the female part of this song is just positive k with the pitch adjusted Piped

    An alternative privacy-friendly YouTube frontend which is efficient by design.


    I can't tell you how many times I have heard this song and never new. Soon as someone pointed it out all I can here is positive k's voice.

    How do I (29M) tell my wife (30F) that I want a cuckold relationship?
  • There are (at least) two questions you need to ask yourself before even bringing this up:

    1. have you actually experienced a cuckold relationship? Or is your experience totally just from online porn? I am pretty sure the fantasy is going to be entirely different then actually watching your wife have sex with someone else.

    2. what will your response be if she says no? Are you prepared to take her feelings into account? Again, fantasy vs reality. Certain communities on the Internet make it seem like any woman you suggest this to would jump at the chance but again, reality can be quite different.

  • Remember MiniDisc?
  • No, I mean yes of course I remember them, but I never had one even tho I lusted for a player. Yet another technology I missed out on, which is probably a good thing because it's dead and would have wasted money, but is also definitely a bad thing because of how cool the technology is.

  • How did you meet the love of your life?
  • The year: around 1994. I was 14 or 15 and using a borrowed account on a local collage network. A student there shared his modem pool login info with his friend who was also my friend and he shared it with me. My first taste of unix was a DEC minicomputer in some cs professors office. I learned a lot of the ins and outs of unix and the internet... 2400 baud for pirating software and porn mostly. Eventually random ftp sites and netnews got boring and redundant. I got introduced to irc and was amazed at the instant interaction with other computer people. My friend at the time hung out in a specific channel, #chitchat2, and I joined it as well because why not. It was a pretty tight knit group of regulars that hung out there and talked about whatever... Nothing in particular. At 15 I felt pretty accepted by people for the first time in my life.

    Being the budding wanna be hacker and scriptkiddie I also hung out in all the warez channels, #exceed, #ego, #warez, etc, and picked up on irc scripts and whatnot. SrFrog and his seminal lice script was my favorite of the time. I learned about patching and compiling a customer version of the standard unix irc client, and ran lice. It was pretty fun to mess with people and being 15 and relatively immature I spent hours riding server splits and nick-colliding people for the hell of it. There were some dicks that hung out in #chitchat2 so I did what I could to make their life hell. Looking back I was probably as much of an asshole and they were insufferable IT twits.

    I also met a girl there who was in college in another state. She remembers me as being a gigantic asshole and super immature. She hated me and would refuse to talk to me. Over the next 4 years I grew up, turned my script kiddie nature into an actual passion for computer security. As I grew she and i became sort-of friends.

    Eventually, when I was around 19, my family moved across the country, and she graduated college and moved the other way across the country to be with her family. We started talking more and more on irc, private chats, late into the night. Out of the blue she called me on the phone which blew my mind. I had dated on and off but this is the first time I ever had a member of the opposite sex who I felt was actually interested in me. One call turned in to once a week, then to several times a week. I had to get a job so I could pay for 400 dollar a month long distance bills (this was the mid to late 90s and I never invested time in the phreaking skills I probably should have). One day she sent me a message "I bought a plane ticket and am coming to visit you in 2 weeks".

    My heart exploded on the spot. I spent the two weeks saving what cash I could, I found a hotel for her to stay at (my parents were cool but not cool enough to let her stay with us, she was some random anonymous person I met on the computer, as they put it... Stopping short of calling her an axe murderer).

    The day arrived and I met her at the airport at the gate. You could do that then. It was then, at 19.5 that I knew I was in love for real, not just in lust or in dire need of companionship. Our next week together was a blur of every: passion, incredible sex, amazing conversations, and our souls connecting on a level so deep I didn't know such a connection was possible. It went way too fast and seemed to last a life time all at the same time. We even spent some time on irc talking with all our combined friends in #chitchat2. By the end of our time together, we knew we had to be together. I brought her to the airport and walked her to the gate. We were both sobbing but she promised that her next step was getting her shit together and she was going to move to where I lived.

    The next 6 weeks was arduous. It might as well have been 6 years. But in August of 1996, she packed her bags and flew across the country. She lived alone for a couple of years until I had issues with my family and I moved in with her. 4 years after moving to be near me we got married.

    Tomorrow, April 28th will be our 24th year wedding anniversary. It hasn't always been easy but I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else.

    As for the love of my life, tru64 lead to Solaris, led to slackware linux, Debian, ubuntu, Arch, etc. my lifelong love of unix and unix like operating systems started 30+ years ago with tru64 and I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Just kidding.... It's my wife that is the love of my life. We met "on that damn computer" as my mother likes to put it. Every year on our anniversary we go to where we had our first irl date. I sometimes pop back into efnet on irc to see if anyone has returned to #chitchat2 but so far haven't found anyone. I'm still friends with, and grateful to the guy who gave me access to the colleges modem pool.

  • Repairing bad sectors in an external drive
  • Can you plug the drive in directly and test it? You might also just have a dead drive. Either way if you were planning on using it as a backup medium I would tell you it's probably not a good idea. If you are trying to recover data from it, good luck. Is it making any sound? You could try buying the same, old but good hard drive and swapping the control board on it. You may also have to swap the nvram chip on it to make sure you have the same sector mappings. Either way there is a lot of stuff you can try, but hopefully this is an educational experience for you (as in learning how to recover a dead drive, not as in learning about the need for proper backup methods) as opposed to a desperate attempt to recover data that is most likely unrecoverable.

  • Repairing bad sectors in an external drive
  • You should be able to use smartctl on a USB drive. I've never had an issue anyway. You may need to specify the transport type tho. I had a drive that it couldn't figure out on its own, but since it was an sata drive in an external enclosure, atapi is the transport protocol to use

    sudo smartctl -a -d ata /dev/<devid>

    Using the same switch you can run a long test. It's sort of a pain as it will kill the test on finding a bad sector. But you can take that sector number and plug it into hdparm to rewrite the sector hoping it will remap it. You won't be able to recover the data in a bad sector, But There are these extra sectors on the drive that firmware can replace the bad one with. It does this on a forced write command.Something along the lines of

    hdparm --repair-sector --yes-i-know-what-i-am-doing </dev/<driveid> <sector number from smartctl>

    Again, you have data loss, you can't go back to no loss. All you can do is rescue anything important. You may (probably) need to run a long smartctl test again, and fix another sector. I have saved data off of drives with 100+ bad sectors this way... It's tedious and eventually I scripted it but it does work.

  • Political Memes _thebrain_

    Looking to 3d print these to give out just in time for Easter....