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Most People on Earth, Even in Petrostates, Want Quick Fossil Fuel Phaseout: Poll
  • I find it funny when people associate fossil fuels with cars ONLY.

    Almost everything you have on you right now, and in your home, was made using oil.

    That's why I asked what I did; I'm all for not using oil and moving to a cleaner approach, but no good solution has been proposed yet, and people that want to do it cold turkey are fools that don't know any better.

  • Shadow of Erdtree price

    What do you all think about the price for Elden Rings dlc?

    For me in Canada it's $53.49 +tx so around $61 total.

    That's the cost of a new game, not a dlc.

    Given the track record of the company I'm sure the dlc will be amazing, but I'm very curious as to the length of it as well.