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Annoyingly similar buttons with very different functions

One of the buttons laps the stopwatch, the other resets the entire session clearing all lap markers and stopping the counter. Better not forget which is which, especially given that you're probably timing something in the physical world not paying much attention to your phone...

[Haiku] Summertime vibes
  • I installed Haiku on this Laptop from 1999 once since it was actually the only non-windows OS I could get to run for some reason. Video driver was bugged tho so the screen was visually offset by ~100 pixels which made it too hard to use. Otherwise though it ran at a bearable normal speed which is a huge feat for the something like 500MHz processor and 500MB/1GB of RAM (I forget the exact specs).

  • Mozilla lays off 60 people, wants to build AI into Firefox
  • Sorry but has anyone in this thread actually tried running local LLMs on CPU? You can easily run a 7B model at varying levels of quantization (ie. 5 bit quantization) and get a generalized prompt-able LLM. Yeah, of course it's going to take ~4GB of RAM (which is mem-mapped and paged into memory), but you can easily fine tune smaller more specific models (like the translation one mentioned above) and have surprising intelligence at a fraction of the resources.

    Take, for example, phi-2 which performs as well as 13B param models but with 2.7B params. Yeah, that's still going to take 1.5GB RAM which Firefox wouldn't reasonably ship, but many lighter weight specialized tasks could easily use something like a fine tuned 0.3B model with quantization.

  • Linus does not fuck around
  • While Linus went overboard (as he has a history of doing, and as has also caused negativity to the community), this post is still very well liked because it appears to be a strong example of someone calling out the BS that a lot of developers like to throw around. No one's going to join in a circle celebrating Linus picking on some first time contributor who didn't know any better, but that's how it sounds like you're interpreting the post.

    To add some context, there's a toxic superiority complex that many developers have where they jump to blame others for issues that actually relate to their code. You can see this anywhere from developers who immediately blame users without investigating to software developers within companies who are quick to pass off issues as not their team's problem.

    So, in this example Linus is actually calling one of these developers out, which is why the post is very well-received.

  • Random photo from the other day rule

    My (forced 😅) contribution to the sub. SF

    Parallel Perfection [1080x2316]

    Source: Made it myself

    Made it myself using GIMP. Pretty easy to replicate in other resolutions. General process is:

    • Radial gradient between lighter and darker color (look for center pixel position and drag to corner pixel)
    • Big squares: In new transparent layer, Filter > Generate > Grid (177 px, 2px wide, pure white)
    • Small squares: In new transparent layer, Filter > Generate > Grid (59 px, 1px wide, pure white)
    • Adjust opacity: Adjust layer opacities for the two grid layers to look nice
    • Add noise: Filter > Noise > HSV Noise (only value noise, relatively subtle)

    To make the grid size such that the left right margin matches the top bottom margin (if you care), keep increasing the grid size until the gap at the bottom and right is about the same. To calculate the offset to center it, do basic math for the offset ie. -(width - floor(gridSize) * gridSize) / 2.

    Works for a desktop background too. Looks best when it matches the display resolution pixel per pixel. Compression makes it look a lot worse because the noise pattern starts looking like jpeg noise.

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