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When ChatGPT summarises, it actually does nothing of the kind
  • To add to this, we’re going to run into the problem of garbage in, garbage out.

    LLMs are trained on text from the internet.

    Currently, a massive amount of text on the internet is coming from LLMs.

    This creates a cycle of models getting trained on data sets that increasingly contain large sets of data generated by older models.

    The most likely outlook is that LLMs will get worse as the years go by, not better.

  • Joe Biden at the White House Today
  • I’ve also heard that deep state vampires are ordering children off of furniture websites so they can drink young blood.

    Just because some fascist says something doesn’t mean it has a basis in reality. Their whole play is to spew such a tremendous amount of bullshit that it becomes hard to know what is true or not at a glance.

  • Here kitty kitty
  • Too bad it peaked 2000 years ago.

    I know it’s kind of a meme, but Diogenes was really onto something. Don’t keep what you do not need, how can someone be respected as a person if they depend on servants, a wealthy ruler is no different from a slave once they’ve died, etc.

  • Gen Z job seekers should be willing to work for free, long hours, ‘willing to do anything,’ says Squarespace CMO
  • We’re still a long way off from that.

    Remember, it took Hoovervilles and mass suicides to correct from black Tuesday, and there was just as much wealth inequality then as there is now.

    Until a large portion of the economy just collapses, the government won’t do anything. And they’ve learned their lesson about letting things get that bad, so they’ll just balance us on a knife edge for as long as physically possible before things inevitably collapse.

    Learn how to garden if you have the room. If not, learn how to can your own food and mend your own appliances and clothes. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before we get another new deal.

  • Single point of failrule
  • Better yet, ask nasa, ULA, and ESA about how they needed to move fast and break things for their rockets that worked flawlessly on the first launch while actually fulfilling a mission.

  • Single point of failrule
  • The problem is that this strategy is becoming more popular in physical product development, for things that we’ve known how to make for decades.

    You don’t need to move fast and break things when you’re making a car. We’ve been making cars on assembly lines for a hundred years, innovation is going to be small.

    Same thing for rockets. We put men on the moon 50 years ago for fucks sake. Rocketry is a well understood engineering field at this point. We know exactly how much force needs to exerted, we know exactly the stresses involved. You don’t need to rapidly iterate anything. Sit down, do the math, build the thing to spec, and it fucking works: see ULA, ESA, and NASA who have, all in the past few years, built rockets and had them successfully complete missions on the first launch without blowing up a bunch to “gather data”

    Move fast and break things is for companies that have crackhead leadership who can’t make up their mind about what a product should do. It should have no place in real world engineering, where you know what your product is going to be subject to.

  • Would be cool
  • There is a company trying to do this.

    It’s very stupid.

    Carbon capture in general is stupid.

    First law of thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed.

    In a perfect world with 100% efficient capture, it would take just as much energy to remove the carbon as it took to put it there in the first place, so if we just wanted to offset what we put into the atmosphere this year, we’d have to double the total global energy production. If we wanted to start putting a dent into “legacy carbon” we’d have to start generating more than twice the energy we use. Half that new energy infrastructure would have to go towards extracting carbon, so even though we’ve double the supply of electricity, electric costs would likely skyrocket, as electric companies now have to pay to maintain an entirely separate grid that only carbon capture facilities are using.

    So unless every government in the world wants to cripple their economies for decades by forking over trillions of dollars to double the scale of their energy production, it’s never going to happen.

  • Mushroom Guides
  • He also wandered into the Alaskan wilderness with basically just a sack of rice and a .22lr rifle.

    He was a a couple miles from safety the entire time, but did not buy a map so believed he was stranded when the river rose and cut off the main trail. But there was another trail with a raised cable crossing over the river a few miles upstream.

    He was totally unprepared and essentially just committed extended suicide. The fact that he remembered some basic tips from a Boy Scout handbook doesn’t mean he was an expert. Kid was an idiot who got in way over his head.

  • What song would cause you to do this to yourself ?
  • I used to work in a mall as a teenager/very young adult.

    Our holiday playlist consisted of 4 songs.

    One of them of was Mariah Carey’s all I want for Christmas is you.

    I heard that song every 12 minutes for 2 months. 8 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    It now actives some kind of sleeper agent programming in me. All I want for Christmas is to watch a store burn to the ground around me.

  • I think this is the craziest sovcit so far because he wants the pope to sign whatever this is.
  • Oh they all think they’ve suffered some injustice

    Most sovcits have issues with not paying child support. They want to not pay, which is how they get started down this rabbit hole and how they end up with so much debt. They think child support or whatever debt they have is an unfair burden, and try to seek justice for themselves by getting the debt erased.

    Except unlike a normal person who would work overtime to pay or file for bankruptcy, they start citing law books from the 1850s and start referring to themselves as the person John Doe not the legal entity John Doe, and that the person John Doe doesn’t have any debts for whatever bullshit reason they can think of. That’s why they sign stuff in red, because they think black ink is only for corporations, and red ink is for people.

    They think they’re seeking justice for themselves, except they want all of the benefits of being a citizen without any of the responsibility like paying taxes or debts.