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Healthcare? Oooo maybe next time...
  • The ACA was always a health insurance industry handout. It was the opposite of a healthcare reform from the moment Obama dumped Dean over the public option. Deans whole thing was it HAS to have at least a public option or it would just be what the ACA is today: repackaged RomneyCare bullshit that functions as labor control.

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  • Well there is this whole extremely dismissive arrogance kind of thing, but I'm not sure I would call it evil?

    See I was only going for the corporate donor backlash over and during the ACA legislation and the effects of the Citizens United/SpeechNow decisions that came thereafter.

    It's clear that's all too much to get into, unfortunately, what with all the contempt.

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  • Went from "yeah let's invade Iraq and stop Saddam!" to "oh man we made a mistake"


    The change in Israeli policy, accepting gay marriage, rejecting iraq invasion, and support for labor rights... Where and how did the Democratic Party arrive at these positions?

    There was a short period of time when the Democratic Party pursued a strategy that involved more than those specific named categories. Howard Dean, another Vermont progressive, ran the DNC from 2005-2009 and helped facilitate Obama's victory in deep red stated and even a dominating congressional position.

    He was removed in 2009. The Democrats have been stringing along some hefty Ls since, even though a progressive, leftist strategy was proven to work.

    The faction that beat away Dean is the same that undermined Sanders twice.

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  • I mean yeah that is the threat posed.

    Now one might think that a political party is more than the office of the president, and if that election is the only one that matters then the freedom and fairness of elections probably aren't as prominent as once thought.

    The entire House, 20+ Democratic senators, and a dozen Democratic governors are up for election this year, and they're having to contend with their party platform. Biden's campaign and the whole rhetoric of not being Trump to beat Trump does not extend beyond the presidential ticket. It is acting as a dead weight for the entire party.

    Keeping control of Congress should be a bit more important to the conversation because we are facing down a filibuster, if not veto proof GOP Congress.

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  • Officially pro-slavery and officially no stance on slavery were literally the choices.

    Until they weren't.

    The Whigs made up and influenced much of the newly formed Republican Party but the absolute inability of the Whigs to take a stance on the slavery question caused them to collapse and a new party with an actual stance on slavery take its place.

  • Anon reflects on e-sports
  • Technician? More like some early 2000s teenager sweating bullets as they fiddle with settings and knobs they barely understand.

    I took that sucker to LAN parties and always had to recalibrate after bumping it up and down stairs. I actually had that damned thing in use through 2013.