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  • In my person interactions, the religious conservative folks seem to care most about having clear answers for things. Once they “know” something, they’re good, and they will repeat it confidently to anybody else who asks. If they particularly like the answer, or it is financially or personally beneficial to them, they might just make it part of their core identity.

    Of course, not all conservatives are like that, and progressives are not completely immune to it. It’s a problem with the irrational human mind, after all.

  • Justice Alito Caught on Tape Discussing How Battle for America 'Can't Be Compromised'
  • Not only is their kind better than everyone else in their eyes, but even among their kind, they as individuals are the CHOSEN ONES to fulfill the prophecy! I mean, they’re so smart and awesome that obviously the limitless power that created the cosmos needs a little help from such a very important big boy human.

    And then they go online and complain about how little kids all get trophies and told they’re worth something, or some shit.

    It’s delusions of grandeur, but in an especially Dunning-Kruger way.

  • Elections
  • Honestly I think you’re giving the sheep’s human counterparts too much credit. They don’t acknowledge that they are potential prey, even while actively being victimized.

  • Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • Yeah, it will be much more boring than cataclysmic extinction of the human race.

    I fear that for many people with means the livable climates will just move geographically. But then a horrifying number of poor people will starve while the rich buy up the dwindling food supply since agriculture is fucked. It will be a messy transition.

  • This is a real threat :(
  • Dimmable RGB LED bulbs are for this. One command can turn on all the lights to 100% in soft white color. Another can set them all to 1% and orange color. The color change makes the room even darker than just setting the lights to 1% at normal color.

    That’s the family-friendly version anyway. If I’m the only one up, I’m totally content with everything off.

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • I think we will stick with built-in batteries rather than any kind of swapping. I always thought the battery swapping idea was neat, but the real world cares about money more than anything.

    To have ubiquitous battery swapping stations would be a huge amount of infrastructure. But to have ubiquitous vehicle charging you basically just have to run wires to existing parking spots.

    That is combined with the fact that I think batteries, especially LFP batteries, have a lot more cycles in their lifetime than your 10 year estimate would suggest. I’ve read 4000 cycles for LFP in a few places. That’s more than a decade even if you fully charge and discharge the battery every single day. Drive a more realistic number of miles/kms per day and then the chronological age of the battery might be more important than how many cycles are on it.

  • EVs Could Last Nearly Forever—If Car Companies Let Them
  • Sounds like we might need some new regulations around parts availability & stocking up before subcomponents go obsolete.

    At some point it becomes an environmental thing just as much as a consumer protection thing.

  • Trying Linux after using Windows for decades
  • Ever since we got the OK to dual boot our machines at work, I’ve been daily driving Mint Cinnamon unapologetically and with no plans to change.

    I’m looking to close tickets rather than tinker with my install. It’s nice to start with something fully featured working great out of the box. But it’s still Linux, and based on Debian/Ubuntu at that, so I can run/install/change whatever I want. I don’t feel restricted just because somebody else did a ton of configuration for me before I installed it.

    If this were 20 years ago, I’d totally be an Arch/Gentoo user, constantly breaking things and troubleshooting, distro hopping, and all that. But the busy middle aged parent version of me currently speaking is extra grateful for all the effort volunteers (and some companies) have put into making new installs so freaking easy.

  • Have you got any weird questions FROM the opposite gender?
  • Absolutely. That bare minimum is a distant unreachable fantasy for some married moms I know.

    I don’t get it myself. I wanted to be a father for a long time and since I became one I’ve been loving it. Because you know, I wanted the relationship and all that rather than “you’re supposed to have kids.” It’s sad enough when people do that with dogs, never mind tiny vulnerable humans.

  • Washington man arrested after fatally shooting teen who had BB gun
  • I mean, if I’m going to go initiate an armed conflict with some criminals, I’d want backup on the way no matter what, right?

    But that wasn’t going through this maniac’s mind. He was way too excited about it being his time to act!

  • Underrepresentation
  • Lol yeah we would need to divide it so that each month can be dedicated to a subcategory of greed.

    You’ve got No Healthcare month, No Free School Meals month, Income Inequality month, etc, and maybe we start each year by dedicating January to Nixon, Reagan, and the year 1971.

  • Sounds like a good solution
  • Yeah, appearance is a form of communication whether we like it or not.

    In my case, I’m a big white guy with a beard living in a 3/4 red area. So things like red hats, mirrored sunglasses, and camo/punisher/tacticool clothes or accessories aren’t allowed anywhere near me, lol. I stick with thick framed glasses too.

  • The name of the place is Deep Space 5

    I can’t get enough of these familiar spacefaring faces!


    Sneaking more Babylon 5 references into risa, please ignore

    Making my first Lemmy post because this moment in my DS9 rewatch made me think of you all.

    I think I’ll call her Captain Gilora Lochley.

    Also, DS9 is even better than I remember. It’s been a while!