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Zier Zier
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You had your chance.
  • Clippy is that pervert at the end of a Las Vegas bar just waiting to to be slimy. Go away Clippy and take your AI wing man with you.

  • It just does.
  • What store is carrying these awesome Peanut Butter Steak Fillets? I cannot wait to break out the BBQ!

  • It just does.
  • Correct, and the 'no stir' version is always palm oil.

  • Wha..?
  • An actual cash register receipt is required.

  • Elon Musk's X pushes Trump tags on all US users
  • Kunt with a K has nothing to do with vaginas, that would be with a C.

  • Elon Musk's X pushes Trump tags on all US users
  • Musk is such a whiny little kunt.

  • Google set to purge the Play Store of low-quality apps
  • Maybe Google could institute a better search function, like by Price/Free, Date, Category, etc. They are a Search Engine, maybe activate that on your scammy Play Store.

  • Newsmax turns to Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée to speak for 'Black women'
  • I really hate when people wear their Halloween costume all year long. Oh wait... Oh shit! That's actually her face!

  • What fresh hell is this?
  • That's because she is very old and lives in a retirement home. She has nothing else to do but prank call people.

  • Wha..?
  • Without a receipt we can't help you.

  • A cool guide to the names of the different types of head coverings Muslim women wear
  • Exactly! The only reason religion exists is to control the population.

  • Republicans wear ear bandages in 'solidarity' with Trump
  • Only $500? Are they on sale?

  • Republicans wear ear bandages in 'solidarity' with Trump
  • So the uniform starts with gold tennis shoes, gold diapers, and now an ear bandage. The GOP sure is putting sexy on display!!!

  • President Biden tested positive for COVID-19.
  • You may be sad to learn that Vampires are from Bulgaria, so the Romanian red stuff is also just fizzy biter juice. :(

  • The Media Ignores Trump Falling Asleep At His Own Convention
  • The media is so desperate to have him pretend to be president again. They love printing the circus freak show crap the MAGAs do. America has lost it's actual press and journalists.

  • Android 14 Apps Run Forever, why?

    So I noticed that when you close an app, most apps, they never actually quit. Is this a new behavior? Or am I missing a setting to terminate, completely, an app when I actually close it without using Force Stop on everything.

    80's Music Zier

    Re-Flex - The Politics Of Dancing (1983)

    The whole album is worth a listen.