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Never forget what they took from us...
  • I love any game with a handcrafted map and some exploration. Even Satisfactory, a factory building game, does an excellent job at that. Procedural generation has its uses but lacks soul I guess.

  • 54% of Gen Z Shoppers Use Pay Later Plans to Buy Groceries
  • The credit card company isn't losing money because it's already determined that giving people cash back won't outweigh the interest and fees etc. that they're really making money from. They use incentive programs to lure people in, hoping they won't be able to pay off their balance each month. Those who can are basically getting discounts from the cash back program.

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  • The people with the money don't understand the science. If you can't convince them that your science is worth investing in then why would they give you money? What's really shocking is that a Nobel prize winner isn't smart enough to understand that.