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Is the Proton (Mail, VPN, Password Manager) ecosystem any good?
  • I use Proton services (among others) since years and i think that they are pretty trustworth with stable services and fair conditions.

  • Campaigns Can Now See What You Watch on TV.
  • For a long time I have disconnected my TV from WiFi, I watch the news in the morning and watch movies on the official website of public TV or on Pluto TV on the computer or via Bluetooth on TV for free and without ads. It has been clear to me for a long time that the prefix "smart...." on electronic devices is synonymous with "spy....".

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • You can, every product of a company which are not profit centered apart being OpenSource, by definition is way more trustworth than proprietary soft of big US companies. Proton services made it's fame because of its known reliability since a lot of years.

  • Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • Yes, Vivaldi isn't fullFOSS, because 5% of the script of the unique UI is proprietary of Vivaldi, but it's 100% auditable and even moddeable by the user, they even show how to do it in its community. Edge and Chrome would fork it in the same moment when Vivaldi make it OpenSource, killing all other Chromium and Vivaldi itself. Maybe in the future it will go full OpenSource, there are still intern debates about it. The sense of OpenSource is to be capable to collaborate in new products, but with almost 100 browsers and forks in the market, this value is pretty debatable. For the user is more important the ethics of the company respect the user, in this case a european, employee-owned cooperative, which is given with a full transparency in all it's services included in the account (mail, calendar, feed, blog, the Vivaldi Mastodon instance, e2ee sync in own server, etc.).

  • Here's what's happening to ad blockers in Google Chrome (and other browsers)
  • Vivaldi, good maintaned, no calls to Google, inbuild and customizable ad and trackerblocker. If Chromium, than this one.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • Every webprovider or server in the EU is forced to reveal datas of an user because an court order in a criminal investigation, with even the risk that the service will be closed, apart of high fines if they don't. If you are an criminal, it's better to message with paper and pen, otherwise they'll find you, independent which online service you use.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • More suspicious than an American commercial company offering the services? Proton is not a commercial company, they really do not need to make money with their services, all they charge you is the use of servers and hosts based on a certain amount of data that you claim, in the VPN they are one of the few that offer you a use of unlimited data with a more than acceptable speed in the free version, without ads, logs and military-level encryption, the only thing is a limited number of countries in the free version (23 server in three countries).

    The same with Mail or the cloud service, where space is naturally limited in the free account, but privacy is the same as in the premium account at a very high level. If you don't trust it, you are also free to host the services yourself, since they are all OpenSource.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • No dark secret, Proton products are OpenSource, made by cientifics of the CERN in Swiss. They make its incommings with the premium products, serving the free ones without ads and trackings or loggings.

  • Math
  • Math
  • I think the solution is 42

  • Math
  • In my study time it was the only which exists, still no electronic or computers , only in big companies, which worked with punch cards.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • You can tame even Windows, making it reasonable private, because in Windows you can set almost everything (most things a certainly hidden and without much documentation, logic, but it's possible) in Mac you can't set nothing what Apple don't want.

  • Math
  • In Spain too, it's also needed in vocational training (FP1, FP2) for carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., because it involves necessary calculations in their work, such as trigonometry, spheronometry, vector forces, flow calculations, among others. For office workers, naturally, percentage calculations are not overcome, but even there second degree equations can arise.

  • Airport security be like part 2
  • You can't get on bord con a nail clipper, but a bottle with 250 ml Polonium no problem.

  • Why don’t you like Apple?
  • Not only the wheels, take a llook on their store and it's hilarious prices for simple complements. Pitty that you must buy a charger apart for your phone which not even include it by default.

  • Google accidentally published internal Search documentation to GitHub

    Commit snafu slapped an irrevocable Apache 2.0 license on confidential API Docs.

    Google accidentally published internal Search documentation to GitHub



    ReviOS Revision | Revision

    ReviOS aspires to re-create what Windows as an operating system should have been - easy and simple. With the main audience being gamers, power-users and enthusiasts, we understand that performance, speed and low latency is obligatory, which is why great effort has been invested into making ReviOS a ...

    Alternativ OS for those which can't or won't use Linux ___ >Being naturally light on resources, footprint and size it also comes in as a great fit for low-end systems

    >Microsoft's Windows operating system is infamous for its privacy-intrusive behaviour towards consumers, which is why ReviOS takes the privacy aspect into serious account

    >A plethora of telemetry backdoors have been terminated including, but is not limited to: UWP/AppX Apps, Windows Update

    >Data collection and reporting increase the system load, and as a bonus, that too is severely reduced, hereby promoting performance


    >A Playbook is a small file that contains a set of system modifications. The changes from this Playbook are applied by the open-source AME Wizard, a tool that can modify a running Windows system. This allows you to convert your current installation to ReviOS, instead of having to delete your system and install fresh.

    >Just as the ISO in the past, the ReviOS Playbook removes bloatware and unnecessary system components, improves privacy and system performance, all while maintaining compatibility. The full list of changes can be found here.

    >The Playbook is compatible with Windows 10 versions 21H2 (19044) and 22H2 (19045), and Windows 11 versions 22H2 (22621) and 23H2 (22631). This covers standard Windows 10, 11 and LTSC. It also works on any Windows edition, meaning you can use your existing Windows Key no matter the edition.


    Happy Net Box is an experimental internet social experience based on the arcane and near-forgotten retro internet protocol known as FINGER.

    Finger is a command line tool that comes pre-installed on Macs and Windows and most Unix systems. It allows you to retrieve information about a "user" on "the internet" -- but it doesn't use the web!

    0 New NASA Black Hole Visualization Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink - NASA Science

    Ever wonder what happens when you fall into a black hole? Now, thanks to a new, immersive visualization produced on a NASA supercomputer, viewers can plunge into the event horizon, a black hole’s point of no return. “People often ask about this, and simulating these difficult-to-imagine processes he...

    New NASA Black Hole Visualization Takes Viewers Beyond the Brink - NASA Science
    5 Active self-treatment of a facial wound with a biologically active plant by a male Sumatran orangutan - Scientific Reports

    Although self-medication in non-human animals is often difficult to document systematically due to the difficulty of predicting its occurrence, there is widespread evidence of such behaviors as whole leaf swallowing, bitter pith chewing, and fur rubbing in African great apes, orangutans, white hande...

    Active self-treatment of a facial wound with a biologically active plant by a male Sumatran orangutan - Scientific Reports
    Share Funny Videos, Images, Memes, Quotes and more Zerush Vorsicht scharf | Knallerfrauen mit Martina Hill

    Chilli ist nicht nur höllisch scharf im Essen, es brennt auch prima in den Augen!<br><br><a href="">#Knallerfrauen</a> <a href="">#SAT1</a> <br><br>Jetzt Knallerfrauen abonnieren: <a href="">https://ww...

    Share Funny Videos, Images, Memes, Quotes and more Zerush

    ASMR Bank Robbery


    Brain-inspired computing with fluidic iontronic nanochannels

    Scientists have created an artificial synapse that works with water and salt, mimicking the medium used by our brains. This could lead to more efficient and energy-saving brain-inspired computers. The device, called an iontronic memristor, consists of a microchannel filled with water and salt, and can process complex information by altering the concentration of ions in response to electrical impulses. This research is a significant step towards computers that can replicate the capabilities of the human brain more accurately.

    Metal Zerush

    INSOMNIUM - Heart Like a Grave (FULL ALBUM)

    0 US Police Banned by Microsoft from Using Azure's AI Facial Recognition Technology

    Microsoft says US Police Departments cannot use Azure's AI-powered facial recognition technology.

    US Police Banned by Microsoft from Using Azure's AI Facial Recognition Technology