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  • I'm mixed. Some people take things too far such as getting offended at gender neutral pronouns or getting angry when someone misgenders by mistake. I've seen some people tiptoeing around me out of fear that I'll rage on them if they accidentally use the wrong pronoun and it's honestly sad. People shouldn't have to fear retribution for a mistake.

    I'm honestly terrified to show who I am outside of my home too unless I'm at a convention that's open to it. Right wings are getting scary and I'm in Ohio.

    I'm otherwise okay with showing some pride within certain areas. I just feel like I should be more reserved about it.

  • Why Biden's New Bill Is So Terrifying - Second Thought
  • Here's the thing. If we don't vote Biden, we get someone who has already blatantly said he's for genocide and someone who is much much worse than Biden will ever be. We vote him, 4 more years of not ruining democracy, not undoing equal rights, and less chance of a civil war and then he's gone from the presidency for good. These videos seem like a ploy to pull voters from Biden so Trump has a better chance. It's the same exact thing that happened with Hillary.

  • Joe Biden confuses Gaza with Ukraine twice in airdrop announcement
  • Biden doesn't even want to be president. He's only doing it because Republicans are threatening democracy. Plus, no one knows how much shit the president has to deal with. I'm in my 30s and I mix shit up all the time and I don't have to deal with the shit that he does.

  • What's your love/hate game?
  • This is why I don't get Zelda games anymore. I also am not a fan of the huge open world thing that makes most of your game time running from place to place so they don't have to make much content.

  • You can remove or disable Windows 11 and 10's AI 'bloat' with new BloatynosyAI
  • I game on Linux all the time. I've been playing apex legends, phasmophobia (VR), palworld, the finals, and so much more. It all works on Linux. There's not a lot of games that I can't play. Most of the time my sister, who's on Windows, has more trouble getting her games running.

  • The problem with liberation groups in monster-taming games (Pokemon, Palworld)
  • That's basically what the game is. The pals help you keep things running and you give them food and a bed to sleep in. Sure you gotta beat the shit out of them to capture them, but the happy noises they make when they finish something is satisfying. You can also pet the one you have out.

  • What games can you not get into because they feel too outdated?
  • Baldur's Gate 3 was good, but I can't play 1 or 2. They definitely don't feel the same.

    For newer games, I can actually play the older Zelda games, but I can't stand the latest games. Not a big fan of the gameplay with weapons breaking and how much they pushed the open world thing. I very much prefer smaller maps with more story.

  • You’re a Cyclist Who Was Just Struck by a Car Driver. Here’s Why It Was Your Fault
  • I was hit on my bike while heading to college. Simply crossing a crosswalk with a stop sign and someone decided they didn't feel like stopping while I was already crossing. I now live with back pain. Drivers can't be trusted to follow traffic signs.