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am i just bad at devops?
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  • Misty (by Ataruman)
  • Is there Moe Szyslak moe?

  • Stress
  • I didn't read the "in med school" part and was expecting the reveal to be that she actually took a material science course.

  • What is your country's "coals to Newcastle"?
  • Australia also has a Newcastle (in New South Wales, north of Sydney)

    Yes, that's why I mentioned it. When I said "works well in Australia", what I meant was "in theory, the same logic you used to apply it to Newcastle-upon-Tyne could be used to apply it to Newcastle, NSW", and not that it actually is used in Australia (I know I've never heard it).

    Not sure if it has/had coal mines

    Not just does it, but it is in fact home to Australia's largest coal-shipping port. In fact, Port of Newcastle is, according to Wikipedia, the world's largest coal terminal.

  • Wild times
  • The ones I have.

  • Harry Potter and the Transgender Problem
  • I didn't know about that, no. To be honest, I haven't played the game since 2007; I dropped off of it for unrelated reasons, before the changes that came later that year which were the cause of people's upset that ended up creating 07Scape.

  • Harry Potter and the Transgender Problem
  • Current evidence suggests that trans women have effectively no physical advantage after I think it was 6 months of HRT

    It varies by sport, which is why I mentioned that as one of the factors. At least according to a study referenced by Mia Mulder in this video, in middle-distance running trans women retain a 12% advantage over cis women after 2 years of hormone therapy. (And frankly, that video as a whole is an incredible overview of the subject of trans women's sports.)

    imagine how cool it would be to have a team span between big burly people doing big burly things and small nimble people darting around between them

    So, uhh... You know this is already a thing, right? Even when the entire team is cis men, in a sport like rugby you have the forwards who are huge walls of muscle, and wingers tend to be smaller and faster. I don't actually follow it, but I suspect gridiron may have an even higher degree of this...I guess you could call it positional dimorphism. While soccer has much less. This comes about due to the different nature of those sports.

  • What is your country's "coals to Newcastle"?
  • Coals to Newcastle works well in Australia too. (I don't think I've ever actually heard that in practice though.)

  • Harry Potter and the Transgender Problem
  • but hate that this century long fight for women’s rights is being syphoned away

    This is a TERFy transphobic lie. It relies on the assumption that giving rights to trans women is necessarily taking away cis women's rights.

  • Roadside cameras to make $94 million less than Queensland government expectations
  • but still bad if one wants traffic to move

    No it's not. The most important thing for keeping traffic moving is making sure people drive consistently and predictably. It's when people slam the brakes (or even feather the brakes, if the person following them is too close) that you end up with traffic jams. A difference of a few km/h in the maximum speed you can be travelling without getting fined isn't a relevant factor.

  • Harry Potter and the Transgender Problem
  • There's a quest in the old-school MMORPG Runescape where the player has to be a woman to proceed, and if playing as a male you get given a voucher for a free gender change.

    No explicit comparisons to IRL trans people, but still, it's there.

  • Harry Potter and the Transgender Problem
  • Yeah it's absolutely true that there is nuance here and it's not an easy question to answer. How do you both keep the integrity of sport and also allow trans women a place to compete? It's a conversation that involves a huge range of factors including the specific sport's physical demands, the level of the competition, and the stage of transitioning, among others.

    The big problem is that it's a conversation that can only happen in any constructive way if everyone involved in the conversation unequivocally accepts trans people's personhood and their right to be respected for who they are. And most of the time we see his play out in public, including from the TERF-in-chief, that isn't the case. Rowling isn't interested in a nuanced conversation and arriving at an ultimately fair outcome. She's interested in persecuting trans women, full stop.

  • Roadside cameras to make $94 million less than Queensland government expectations
  • Speedometers are required to be +10% plus 4km/h, -0 km/h. If your speedo says you're doing 60 and you're actually doing 61, your speedo is uncompliant. On the other hand you could be doing as little as 50 km/h. If it reads 100, you could be doing as little as 86 km/h or as much as 100.

  • Raising jobseeker is not 'fiscally sustainable’? Sorry, but that is flat out wrong | Greg Jericho
  • That article itself explains the shortcomings of the concept of political capital in the 2013 political environment, and I think those shortcomings have only grown over the decade since it was written.

    I also think there's an additional issue at play today that wasn't present (or at least wasn't as significant) in 2013, which is a deeper sense of discomfort with the overall status quo of politics. A sense of unhappiness that may be reason that taking more bold action, accompanied with a sufficiently strong explanation, could be much more viable than it would have 20 years ago. This isn't necessarily incompatible with the theory of political capital; it could be described as a factor that significantly reduces the political cost of implementing those policies. But it does just add more on to why discussions of political capital are less valuable than they would have been in Keating's day.

  • Resistance is rule (what is this ruleshid Microsoft?)
  • Nobody is Al, this is just bad dictation software misunderstanding that you're supposed to get Azure already.

  • rule
  • consent matters a lots

    Well I don't consent to having a Head of State who's only achievement is being born to some spoilt bitch who herself was only notable for having been born to some earlier rich dickhead. I don't consent to my Head of State not even being a citizen or a resident of my country and in fact hasn't been to my country in over half a decade and for a total of less than one season. I don't consent to a foreign rich dickhead having the power to unilaterally overthrow my country's democratically elected government—a power his institution has used in his name in living memory.

  • Sony Pictures Explained
  • I had to read this like 3 times before I realised what it was saying.

    Partly that's on me and my sleep-deprived state. But partly..."overlooking" is not synonymous with "overseeing". In fact in this case they're almost antonyms. (Executives "overlooking" the film branch implies the film branch is actually really good, but the executives don't acknowledge that.)

  • LPT Do it.
  • I would have offered to send a pdf

    I would have never considered doing anything but sending a PDF. Even if they do know LaTeX. Unless they're offering to help edit the code for me, what good is it? It's objectively harder to read than the formatted PDF.

    That said, marking up a PDF is much more difficult and does require more specialised software and know-how than editing plain text or even editing a Word document. So there are some advantages to it.

  • LPT Do it.
  • As a software developer, LaTeX makes writing documents feel elegant in the way good code is elegant. No more manually going back and saying things like "as shown in diagram 4" and updating the number when the number of diagrams changes; LaTeX can do that for you by referencing the object. Citations and bibliography are an absolute breeze to generate. It can generate various kinds of plots and diagrams themselves for you, making it much easier when you then need to make changes to it later.

    With the right packages (think: code libraries) you can do all sorts of things. I like the acrodef and ac commands which lets you specify a bunch of acronyms, and then the first time you use them in a document it automatically expands it to the full version, but uses the acronym on all subsequent uses. When writing code snippets, you can have it automatically apply the correct syntax highlighting for the language you specify; though this is admittedly a feature many markdown implementations also have.

  • LPT Do it.
  • Someone could probably build a tool which sits in between you and Git, which unzips the file before committing and after pulling, so Git sees the raw xml file, but you always see the zipped docx.

    edit: never mind. Just read @[email protected]'s comment explaining why this is a bad idea.

  • Put Vincent Namatjira’s work in Times Square [Indiegogo campaign] Put Vincent Namatjira’s work in Times Square.

    Put Vincent Namatjira’s best known works on a billboard in Times Square. | Check out 'Put Vincent Namatjira’s work in Times Square.' on Indiegogo.

    Put Vincent Namatjira’s work in Times Square.
    micromobility - Ebikes, scooters, longboards: Whatever floats your goat, this is micromobility Zagorath ‘This doesn’t make sense. How much shopping can you really carry on a bicycle?’

    Bunnings trip? Lounge suite? A person? No problem. A politician has sparked a surprising online trend after questioning whether people could actually shop by bike.

    ‘This doesn’t make sense. How much shopping can you really carry on a bicycle?’
    27 ‘This doesn’t make sense. How much shopping can you really carry on a bicycle?’

    Bunnings trip? Lounge suite? A person? No problem. A politician has sparked a surprising online trend after questioning whether people could actually shop by bike.

    ‘This doesn’t make sense. How much shopping can you really carry on a bicycle?’
    A look at & review of what has been called the worst RPG of all time

    Linked video is part 1 of 4, and as long as it is, it's the shortest of them.

    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    I had heard vaguely about how this was a bad system before, but never before realised just quite how bad it was, and in what ways.

    Warning: references to sexual assault, sexism, and racism

    Holy shit the LNP is now peddling conspiracy theories about ECQ and how the election was run

    I haven't been posting Council threads since the election because to be honest it's been so exhausting after the disastrous result of the election. But the last couple of weeks I've popped it on for a few minutes here and there, including right now.

    Cr Wines is currently standing up in front of the Council and saying that he thinks polling booths were deliberately understaffed at the Council election as a tactic to make voters think "oh, the current incumbents are useless, I'm sick of waiting, we better vote them out." His evidence for this claim? In his Ward, only in one booth did he not come first, and he said he saw long lines at that booth.

    6 Cross River Rail to be renamed after Elizabeth II if LNP wins Queensland election

    The LNP launched a petition after the Queen's death calling for the rail project to be renamed the "Elizabeth Line", and will go ahead with the proposed name change if they win the state election.

    Cross River Rail to be renamed after Elizabeth II if LNP wins Queensland election
    Measure of a merit badge

    4 panels, arranged 2x2.

    The first panel contains a picture of Jean-Luc Picard holding up a frame containing a number of medals. It has the text "These are your Starfleet merit badges, are they not, Mr. Data?"

    The second panel has a picture of Data, with the text "Yes, Captain."

    The third is a close image of the frame containing the medals. The medals take a variety of shapes, but the bottom-left medal resembles the Starfleet insignia. The panel has the text "And this shiny combadge in the lower left?"

    The fourth panel is another image of Data, with the text "Communications merit badge, sir."

    What happened with the sphinx though?


    How To Confound A Centaur

    Centaur: Hold it right there, you can't just ride through my fields uncontested! I'll lose my credibility if we don't battle or something.

    Me: That's fair. How about we–

    Centaur: And it can't be a pun battle, I heard what you did to the sphinx.

    Me: Darn. Okay, what if I beat you in a horse race?

    Centaur: Ha! Alright, your funeral. Where's the finish line?

    Me: That tree over there. Where's your horse?

    Centaur: (gestures at horsey backside) Um...?

    Me: You're not a horse, this is a HORSE race. You have to race with an actual horse.

    Centaur: You want me... a centaur... to RIDE a regular horse.

    Me: That is, linguistically-speaking, what you agreed to.

    Centaur: ...

    Me: ...

    Centaur: I hate you.

    Me: That's fair.


    Shared pathway adjacent to the Õtaki River

    Transcription: a photo of a shared pathway entrance with a series of steel pipes placed to create very narrow pathways to enter. The width is hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but far too narrow for a wheelchair or bicycle to fit.

    21 Airtrain negotiations back on after Bailey breakdown

    The on-again, off-again discussions between the state government and Airtrain to end the private company’s monopoly on public transport to Brisbane Airport is on again.

    Airtrain negotiations back on after Bailey breakdown
    My local IGA prices are wrong

    A photo showing an Arnott's TimTam Chewy Caramel packet, with 9 biscuits and a net weight 175 g. Its price sticker says $2.50 ($1.25 per 100g).

    It says "Was $5.25. Save $2.75. Less than 1/2 price."

    Says it's $1.25 per 100g. This was the price on Chewy Caramel and regular TimTams. The Murray River Salted Caramel had the same total cost ($2.50) and weight (175g), but listed its cost per 100g as $1.43. That difference is the only reason I looked it up. The Salted Caramel price is correct, these are not.

    Other flavours of TimTam had a different total price and a higher price/100g, but I didn't look in too much detail.

    Before anyone asks: I cared enough to take a photo and post it here as a curiosity. But I did not care enough to complain to anyone in store.


    Video concentrates on particular roads in Victoria, and points out Victorian road rules, but the vast majority of this content is applicable around the whole country.

    No obligation to ride in the bike lane in Queensland at least. Don't know about other states.

    8 WFH, paid overtime: What Australian workers really want

    Thousands of potential Australian job seekers were asked about what is important to them when considering new work opportunities. This is what they said.

    WFH, paid overtime: What Australian workers really want
    2 Ditching car parks for bike lanes could help struggling high street shops

    Replacing on-street parking with bike lanes could make Brisbane more liveable without hurting small businesses, research at a popular shopping strip has found.

    Ditching car parks for bike lanes could help struggling high street shops
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