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Someone explain if I'm reading this right.
  • Just leave the instance, not the fed. It can be seen to help grow it. You're free to start your own instance and allow/disallow anyone for any reason. Remember that there isn't 1 Lemmy. It's not like reddit where there's one site. It's more like a whole shitton of very similar sites that overlap. So one rogue mod is messing up a News, just ban that instance and find another one.

  • It sounds like The Daily Show isn't coming live from Milwaukee anymore
  • It's not a thing. It's a group of alright propagandists trying to equate dems to the maga shitstains. They think if they can get people thinking theres a Joe Cult or Blue Maga it will keep people from voting. It's bullshit propaganda.

  • What's going on in the other timelines today?
  • Well, it's world Breakfast for Dinner day so everyone is with their families making pancakes and waffles. Kids playing in the yard, moms and dads watching the sportball game, dad's and moms making waffles, drunkles going for it with the mimosa pitchers.

    Scrambled Egg Man is getting his 1974 Pinto loaded with presents to deliver them to the good kids all over the world and kissing his life partner on the forehead as he sets out on his journey.

    Somewhere in a jungle, the village children ask to be told the story again of the time Great Gramps AccAcc saw Scrambled Egg Man swing on vines while dropping Stretch Armstrongs and GI Joe USS Flag playsets to all the huts.

    The world has found peace. Tomorrow is a holiday and everyone has the day off with pay.

  • Yes. But he won't and his base doesn't care so let's get going on another plan. Let's try to get litteraly anyone else elected because it's not actually about one guy in the Whitehouse, its about an entire administration and supreme court nominations.

  • JTM45 in a box.

    My take on the JRockett 45. It's a Malcolm Young tribute. Now I just have to learn to play like him.


    Big Cheese clone.

    Big Cheese by Lovetone clone. I added a blend knob so it'll be a little more bass friendly. Waterside decal. And a uv led.

    Connect A Song ZagamTheVile

    Had a Dad- Jane's Addiction.

    I discovered Joy Division through an old skate video I had on VHS. I also discovered Jane's Addiction on the same tape. This was before they hit radio with Been Caught Stealing. I can't hear Disorder or Had a Dad without thinking of the other. I also found Tenor Saw through the same tape. Alva Backyard Annihilation for those that are interested.


    Big Muff Triangle from GGG.

    Finally got to try etching. The pattern is the pcb layout of a classic Pi. Bonus point to anyone that can name the typeface, or at least where it came from. Man, I love these big Boss style knobs. I got a 10 pack and I'm almost out already. Next diy project is a Lovepedal Cheese clone with a dry blend add on.


    I'm not super stoked with it, but it's like 80% or 85% good enough. Water slide decal is tough to work with. And the center knob needs to be a different color.

    I know in my last post I said I was going to do an etching on a Big Muff next, but I didn't have the right photo paper. So I tried doing a print on water slide for my GGG Brassmaster. I can say this is my second favorite fuzz but the build is not for the faint of heart.


    Started making pedals. Here's my first two paint jobs. dod250 on the left and a ts808 on the right. Both from BYOC.


    Maybe not the coolest thing here but I found this in a reno were doing.


    it's true.


    Fucking bummer dude. My new d20 doesn't fit in my dice case.


    Am I whoring right?


    So hot.


    Karma whoring with no karma.


    Can we spicepost here?



    Anyone have XFiles tattoos?

    Got mine about 10 years ago and still love it.