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Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • It's a good thing the Republican leadership is as incompetent as they are morally bankrupt, but that doesn't mean they haven't managed to stumble their way into pushing the US to the brink of a dictatorship. As the KGB used to say, a lot of them are "useful idiots" which can be orchestrated by careful external manipulation.

  • Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • I'm not onboard with that conspiracy, as there were certainly attempts on his life throughout his reign. But I do agree with the relevancy of that Sun Tzu quote.

    By 1943 Hitler was making such poor decisions it would've actually benefited the Nazi war effort if he had been removed from power.

  • Secret Service rushes Trump off stage after shots fired at his Pennsylvania rally
  • That last part is the terrifying bit, honestly. Trump is an egomaniac with the attention span of a toddler. He's an unguided projectile of spite and vanity.

    Imagine someone competent filling his shoes with the unprecedented powers that were recently granted by the supreme court and the rabid MAGA fanbase behind them.

    The potential for lasting damage goes (even further) off the scale. I shudder to think what that might actually look like.

    Honestly, in the event Biden loses, the best hope the US has is Trump's general incompetence.

  • Gillette’s Contributions
  • As another Henson user - get yourself a variety of blades to test with them as well. I find that the RK blades they ship with their razors aren't great for people with coarse beards and/or sensitive skin. You can get sampler packs of a variety of blades to test which ones work best for your hair and skin with various resellers online.

  • Any Svalboard user here? What is your experience?
  • Same, but in summer. The 24/7 nearly equal intensity daylight does a number on your internal clock and experience of time. 10/10 for wildlife though. Puffins everywhere. Plus whales, seals, walruses, and polar bears in the wild are such an impressive thing to see.

  • so true
  • It depends on where in Sweden you live of course, but I always loved the moment the first snow was on the ground. It immediately makes the entire surroundings feel less glum, even during the short days of winter.

    Agree on the impact of climate change though. The seasons used to be reliable like clockwork, and that hasn't really been the case for the last decade and a half or so.

  • What's your plan if Trump wins in November?
  • What makes you say that? He is clearly promising a lot of things to happen, and he's confirmed he would be a dictator "the first day".

    I know politicians bullshit a lot, but I am not so sure he doesn't intend to follow through on at least some of the very outlandish shit he's promised so far.

  • so true
  • To each their own of course, but I'm perfectly fine dressing for the cold. Sure, once temperatures get below -35C it's not the most comfortable to be outside and you'll want to get good at layering, but I still much prefer it over the inverse (temperatures of 35C and over).

  • so true
  • I live in Canada today, and used to live in Sweden. I'm perfectly fine with winter and heating the house, dressing for it, etc. I'll compromise my stance by saying early spring is nice, but man do I hate summer heat and humidity. And don't get me started on mosquitoes and other summer bugs.

  • so true
  • I'd live in perpetual winter if I could. You can dress for the cold, but at some point the heat and humidity make it impossible to be comfortable outside regardless of your outfit.

  • Poilievre’s Conservatives spent more than 20 times as much on ads as Trudeau’s Liberals in 2023
  • Every time I hear the guy speak I can't imagine him in a room with any other world leaders not turning into an open brawl. Even if I agreed with his politics, the fact that he's so full of himself would turn me off of voting for this windbag.

  • WMR VR headsets on Linux

    Reading up on some of the more recent posts regarding VR on Linux, I'm wondering if anyone can give a quick rundown of the actual state of VR gaming on Linux for users of WMR headsets like the HP Reverb G2.

    Seeing as Microsoft is about to nuke that entire ecosystem later this year, it would be great if there's a way for people that invested in these headsets to continue using them on Linux, instead of turning a whole slew of devices into fresh e-waste.



    Name the song


    The name of this song is also a Celtic Frost album title.


    To Mega Therion - Therion

    Powers of Thagirion\ Watch the great beast to be\ For to Mega Therion\ The draconian melody\ The dragon open the eye\ And reveal both truth and lie\ Spiritual supremacy\ \ Ride the beast of ecstasy\ Spiritual supremacy\ Ride the beast of ecstasy\ Ialbaophs creative spark\ Manifests the utmost dark\ Ialbaophs creative spark\ \ Meaning the letter of Theth\ Hide the force of Baphomet\ Meaning the letter of Theth\ \ The wound of Baal will be healed\ When sign of time is unsealed\ The wound of Baal will be healed\ \ The world will burn by Sorath's flame\ And through the solar sign proclaim

    First hint at 24 hours

    Since it's been 24 hours, here's a hint: The crown is important

    Second hint at 48 hours

    Someone already guessed the band's name. And there is a reference to the song's title in both this picture and the lyrics .


    Heavy lies the crown by Orange Goblin.

    Who am I to, to make the rules, to break the rules and slay the fools How am I, to be the man, who rules the land, with sword in hand Fire roars, upon the sores that carry heroes off to war Heavy lies the crown I wear, but I did swear this weight to bear

    We stand for truth and honour And on the morning tide We head to war together Beneath the Northern sky And Odin's ravens lead us on to victory.

    Tap for spoiler

    Savatage - Strange wings

    Hint: This band tragically lost their guitarist in a car crash (driving a Mazda RX7-FD at the time). They eventually broke up and now tour as an orchestra playing symphonic Christmas music.


    Fear of impending hell - Paradise lost

    [24 hour hint] Since this is a pretty difficult one, here's a big hint: The band is named after a poem by John Milton.

    [Solution] This was a hard one due to the genre, but I loved how the AI captured the two states the subject of the song finds himself in by using the heaven and hell imagery side by side and the depiction of the long stairwell to absolution. Nowhere in the song does it explicitly mention heaven or that ascension, but it does capture the protagonists journey from fear and self-doubt to letting to and wondering why they ever felt that way to begin with quite well.


    Caught somewhere in time by Iron Maiden

    As it's been 24 hours, here's a hint: The clock and what it represents is extremely relevant to the topic of this song.

    [Update] Good guesses everyone. The link with Meatloaf is that he and Iron Maiden have a song that shares the same title (Heaven can wait), and the link with The Hu is that Iron Maiden will be touring the US this year with The Hu as support.