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Weekly social thread
  • Is looking nice might get oot the garden in a bit

    Last night ended well porcine pasta and a cream sauce which was amazing home for a bottle of wine with my wife and watched the new omen movie

    My review. DON'T

  • Weekly social thread
  • Random day off work. I do like having a boss I can ask for the day off with an hours notice.

    Silly chores most of the day then a nice walk along the canal to an Italian restaurant then home

  • It seems like the more I use ChatGPT, the less useful it becomes.
  • I thought I was just doing it wrong.

    Last time I looked at it I spent 2 hrs trying to figure a feature on my camera only for it to say at the end oops the info I gave is on the next model up

    The first time I used it I asked it to write me a script based one 1 I write a couple yrs before as a test. It was more or less exactly as I wrote it. So thought it was pretty good

  • Weekly social thread
  • Nahh just trying to get ahead of the game while I'm out.

    The big stressful project that had to be finished by the end of next week just got a deadline reprieve thanks to Microsoft delaying a change that was kicking in then.

  • Weekly social thread
  • Nah oddly chill about the whole thing although last night pissed me off. Opened a beer sat down bottle touched lips work phone goes

    Worst part it was a nothing issue that didn't need me

  • Mental health question kinda

    Over the last year or so i have done through a huge mental health journey. Probably similar to other that's my age. I have no one in real life to battle through this blocks. Is this somewhere I could post my journey in the hops to both get a place to vent and perhaps help others in my boat?