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Thames Water fails to complete 108 upgrades to ageing sewage works
  • Unbelievable. I'm with these idiots. I look forward to having my bills go up to help 're pay' for all this work.

  • Ban on kitchen stone linked to lung disease discussed at UK-Australia summit
  • What type of respirator do you need to wear to protect against that, out of interest?

  • There are no shitty technicals, only shitty drivers
  • My thoughts as well, although it's the only one that's a model, not a photo, so who knows if it actually existed?

  • Boost for new National Wealth Fund to unlock private investment
  • Whilst any investment in green energy is to be applauded, I'm not sure why the government feels it necessary to go cap-in-hand to private business via what feels like PFI 2.0 to raise money. We're one of the wealthiest countries in the world, the issue isn't lack of funds it's where those funds are accumulated. Tax the rich appropriately and we wouldn't need to be reliant on dangling the carrot of profit in front of businesses just to help pay for our countries future.

  • Rule
  • Pineapple and ham on pizza is fucking great, and I'll die on that hill.

  • The world’s emotional status is actually pretty good, a new global report finds
  • You're bang on. Bad news is addictive and people on Lemmy etc are hooked:

    You only have to look at how people dog pile any positive news as being 'out of touch' or 'ignorant' to see how bad things have got. Hardly surprising, if all you're seeing online is bad news that's all you can imagine happening. Issue is 'news' sites prioritise bad news because it generates more engagement and so the cycle continues:

    That's why it's more important than ever to highlight the good news:

  • No, We Haven’t Run Out of Money
  • Well, that's a sobering read.

  • Rage (Xbox360)
  • Man, Brink had so much promise...

  • Durham Wildlife Trust seek to buy neighbouring land
  • Why the fuck the BBC ran this story but didn't bother putting in a link to the actual donation page is beyond me. It's here for anyone wanting to donate: they're at 37% at time of posting this.

  • You can’t nurse the Earth back to health with half-measures: Ecosia’s regeneration report
  • And those three points are:

    We dedicated 100% of our profits to climate action. Every cent. That way, we captured and prevented 10,000 times more CO2 than we emitted.

    We produced enough renewable energy to power all searches twice over. In 2023, we invested over €9 million into renewable energy systems, including loans. This means every search crowds out dirty energy from the electricity grid.

    We planted and protected 25 million trees. In 2023, we planted 500 different species around the world. We expect that these trees will capture 1,250,000 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years.

  • I like Nickelback
  • People just like to pile on the hate train because it's become on-trend to do so. I like their music as well. Some of their tracks are really quite good in my opinion.

  • Marks & Spencer to launch clothing repairs service - BBC News
  • Not clear on whether this is just on their own clothes, or any clothing from anywhere.

  • Sometimes it's just easier to let the players shop
  • Unrelated, but what is that black/dark grey thing on the desk?

  • [OC] Gravel path
  • Love the soft gold lighting.

  • Record numbers of rare butterfly seen at reserve in Essex
  • Interestingly enough, I've noticed more butterflies this year in my own garden. Different part of the country. Anyone else?

  • I like Bee buts (and I cannot lie)

    A bumble bee checks out a Cornflower in my garden.

    Some additional Bumble backsides for you:




    Heading Home

    A Red Mason Bee checks out a bug house in my garden.


    New Lincolnshire national nature reserve a 'landmark moment' - BBC News New Lincolnshire national nature reserve a 'landmark moment'

    Lincolnshire Coronation Coast National Nature Reserve will see the linking of two existing reserves.

    New Lincolnshire national nature reserve a 'landmark moment'

    A new national nature reserve on the Lincolnshire coast has been described as a "landmark moment for nature recovery".