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I absolutely love this idea
  • It's called Theater of the Mind, I think. It used to be the way we played ADnD, but I guess that the newer editions pushed the minis-and-grid with their more tactical playstyles.

  • Unicorn Overlord – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • I wanted to play this game so badly, only to find out the game does not come with English language in my region... why do companies love to do this? Is it that hard to add the languages you already have translated for other countries? I'll even pay it as dlc if needed! Just save me the hassle (and extra cost) of importing the game.

  • Sabotage's retro-RPG Sea of Stars hits 4 million players
  • This was perhaps the most beautifully crafted jrpg I'll never finish. While the nostalgia hit me like a truck, after just some 8 hours I just felt I had played it all. The graphics and the music may be the very best in the genre, but the gameplay left much to be desired. Time-based inputs are nice (though they do get tiresome after a while), but there's just no substance in the gameplay. Progression is slow af, and I didn't feel there was much to unlock other than higher numbers, which are meh.

    Amazing piece of art, though.

  • Visions of Mana | Announce Trailer
  • Unlike many others here, I did enjoy Trials of Mana, so I am looking forward to this one. Looks amazing!

    ...except for that generic shonen hero. I am so done with games with generic shonen mc. I get that the new generation has to start somewhere, but it'd be nice to see more variaty in mc characters. Or on the very least let us create our own.

  • is a new level of Reddit crossposting spam
  • I was fine with the helpful bots here and there, but if someone is going to abuse it like this may as well just ignore them all. This is why we can't have good things.

    I remember reading in some other post there was a global setting in the Voyager app to block all bots, but I cannot find it now. Does anyone know where?

  • [Solved!] Can someone explain why my PSVR might not be working with an HDMI switch?
  • This may not be helpful, but anyways, I used to have a regular PS4 connected with a hdmi switch, but sporadically it would stop working. Nothing wrong with the cables themselves, and the switch was also fine (tested with other devices). Maybe it's related to way the switch is internally configured?

    In any case, I would recommend trying to find a switchless configuration.

  • What Final Fantasy opinion are you defending like this?
  • I have two. First, I'm in the VIII > VII camp. To be fair, I played FF8 before playing FF7 (though I've been playing FF since V), so the downgrade in visuals really hurt. I also don't get what's the deal with the Squall hate. Sure, he's a bit whiney at the beginning, but you can really feel his growth. Same with his relationship with Rinoa (that's her name, right?). I could see those two falling with each other in a more believable way than other jrpg ships.

    Second one, V is better than VI. Sure, VI has higher production value, and arguably a better story, but the class system in 5 was top jrpg system in the snes era. I also felt more closely attached to the small cast of V rather than with the gigantic cast of VI (I honestly cried in the aftermath of Galuf vs Exdeath). Again, V was my first FF, so that may be nostalgia talking. Though I recently replayed with a patch that improves the class system, and it was a banger of a game. Plus, Battle on the Big Bridge.

    Feel free to fight me.

  • There has to be a name for this state of being
  • Maybe in some colloquial definitions, but following the DnD conventions (which is what I assume op was talking about), Intelligence refers to knowledge, while Wisdom refers to perception, introspection, and metacognition (knowing that you know or don't know something) . So I think high Wis (you are quick on perceiving things) but low Int (not being able to remember what you know) would apply.

    It's not a science, though. This is just my personal interpretation.

  • How Difficulty Class and the D20 engine ruined roleplaying
  • That's a very good point. When I DM, I always let the players avoid any unnecessary rolling, especially if they get into character and describe what they do, if so they want. Something like, "you can skip rolling, and this happens, or you can roll and try a better outcome, but also risk a worst one." Works wonders with all kinds of skills. For example, (in PF2e), you can spend two actions to climb that wall, with no need of rolling, or spend one action and an Athletics check to see if you can do it faster.

  • How Difficulty Class and the D20 engine ruined roleplaying
  • The author may have a good point--though I'm honestly not entirely sure they do--, but even if the D20 vs DC turns the experience into a gamist simulation, what is exactly the problem? Personally, I'd rather play a game of dice than "mother may I" with the DM.

    I've been playing since 2e, and I very much enjoy the mechanical aspect of the game, to the point that I grew tired of 5e lax and vague rules and moved to PF. That doesn't mean 5e is bad, it's just something different from what I want, and that is ok.