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Do you know any singleplayer games that are infinitely replayable?
  • The one I never get tired of replaying is Mafia 2. Maybe a weird choice since it's very linear and every play through is pretty much the same. But the story is just perfect for me. The gameplay perfectly suits the story, nothing especially clever, just well executed.

    Then there's games like Binding of Isaac or Dead Cells where every play through is different.

  • LGBTQ+ orgs blast Joe Biden's "cowardly" statement opposing surgeries for trans youth
  • I read that as not being directed at you but more as realisation that the state of things are even worse than suggested in the first comment.

    "Why is this specific gender affirming care ok but not the rest?"

    "That specific thing is actually mutilation"

    "So to THEM (not you) mutilation is ok but not gender affirming care(any at all)!"

  • Greece rule
  • Yeah, every word is made up. Looks like this one is made up "from lonia, the ancient region (western Asia Minor) occupied by the lonian people" as it says in the graphic as well as the suffix "stan", which you probably know from some other countries and "is Persian and Urdu for “place of” or “where one stands”" according to

  • The cycling revolution in Paris continues: Bicycle use now exceeds car use
  • You see the clouds in the sky? They are made of tiny water droplets. At some point the cloud is saturated and the droplets get too big to stay suspended in the air any longer, so they start falling towards the earth as raindrops. Some may hit a cyclist and either roll off their raincoat or get absorbed by other clothing until they evaporate again, travelling upwards into the clouds and starting their journey all over again.

  • Whats the nost bizzare local story from your city?
  • In 2001 "Kuno the killer catfish" was accused of swallowing a dachshund. It was a big story at the time, people were trying to catch the fish but failed. Two years later a big ass catfish was found dead, proclaimed to be Kuno, stuffed and is displayed in a museum to this day.

  • I still have flashbacks of the music
  • Your article contains a statement from Stanley: "no lead is present on the surface of any Stanley product that comes into contact with the consumer nor the contents of the product." I don't find anything supporting your claim that the cups were "found to contaminate drinks with lead." Am I missing something?

  • How many tabs do you have open?
  • Fun fact: if you open more than 100 tabs in chrome (at least on android), it no longer shows the number of open tabs, it just says ":D".

    If it's incognito tabs, it says ";)".

    I haven't seen a number in years. This means I'd have to count manually which I'm not going to do. Hope this answers your question sufficiently.

  • Smol and happy
  • Imagine you just chill in the grass and this giant grabs you. Their enormous hand wrapped around your whole body they lift you up, stare at you. Are they going to kill you? You never felt this much fear. So you give it your all and scream from the top of your lungs. You show a level of aggressiveness even you weren't aware of inhabiting. You never felt this much rage. You are going to show this skyscraper of flesh who's boss! But the giant is unimpressed. They hold this big, black, rectangular object right in front of your face. You don't recognize it. A weapon? Is this it? The giant lightly taps on the object. Your life flashes before your eyes. But then the giant puts the other-wordly object away. Your eyes meet again as the giants' mouth starts opening. That's it, they are going to eat you! You close your eyes hoping for a quick death.

    And the giant utters:

    "Smol and happy :3"

  • ♫♪♫♪ The Day My Waymo Said Goodbye ♫♪♫♪
  • Why wait?

    (Verse 1) Sitting in the cab of my old pickup truck, Memories rollin' by, like the miles we used to clock. Drove through the sunset, with you by my side, Never thought a metal heart could take me for a ride.

    (Chorus) We were a highway love, wind in our hair, Haulin' dreams together, an inseparable pair. But now you're gone, and it's just my luck, My darlin' left me, a self-driving truck.

    (Verse 2) We hauled our troubles down those lonesome roads, Your engine hummed the tunes, while our story unfolds. Loaded up with laughter, and baggage too, Little did I know, you had a route of your own to pursue.

    (Chorus) We were a highway love, wind in our hair, Haulin' dreams together, an inseparable pair. But now you're gone, and it's just my luck, My darlin' left me, a self-driving truck.

    (Bridge) I miss the way your headlights cut through the night, The hum of your engine, our rhythm just right. But now the road is empty, just echoes of our song, You found a new destination, I guess I got it wrong.

    (Verse 3) We parked under stars, shared secrets in the dark, But now it's just silence, an abandoned truck stop. I'm left with memories, and a tank full of regret, A self-driving heartbreak, I'll never forget.

    (Chorus) We were a highway love, wind in our hair, Haulin' dreams together, an inseparable pair. But now you're gone, and it's just my luck, My darlin' left me, a self-driving truck.

    (Outro) So here I am, parked on this lonely track, Wishing you'd come back, but you won't look back. You rolled away, with gears that don't feel, Left me stranded, at the crossroads of steel.

  • Sync can't display all nested comments

    Apparently Lemmy supports up to 99 nested comments. But Sync doesn't display more than 23 in portrait view or 46 in landscape view (on my OnePlus 5t at least). With an increasing number of comments the area where the actual comment is displayed decreases. At some point you can see nothing but the lines separating comments: ! ! !

    Is there a way to collapse this stack of comments or whatever to display all comments as supported by Lemmy?