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Noam Chomsky, 95, ‘no longer able to talk’ as intellectual’s ‘health deteriorates’
  • What? This comes off super weird and bigoted because they definitely both can read.

  • Disaster is nearing. Mass displacement. Mass starvation. Mass death. It is all imminent. Do you understand?
  • Wow this makes a lot of assumptions about privilege and class/financial circumstances.

  • Some company heads hoped return-to-office mandates would make people quit, survey says
  • I know, it's actually much older than that but it still drives me crazy when people say that for some reason.

  • Vince Staples - Blue Suede (Official Music Video)
  • Thanks!! I love this song so much

  • Zoned out and frozen on a busy Manchester morning
  • That's fucked. I knew when these designer drugs became super cheap and available that this was going to happen. I'm pretty sure it's the same reasons some people stick to alcohol mostly, it's widely available and cheap and it basically turns off reality for a period of time. It's no wonder when other drugs are taken off the streets that people turn to shit like this. Prohibition does NOT work.

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • One of the reasons I tend to prefer dabs. Much easier to clean the piece after

  • Oh man bro this edible is hitting me already....
  • Wow am I glad you stated that this person was a lesbian, I might not have understood the situation otherwise.

  • Eyedea & Abilities - Color My World Mine
  • Absolutely love Eyedea, R Eye P. I have thoughts like this but only with the assistance of altered states such as dreaming (actually more like half dreaming), meditating, or taking certain substances, I wish I could record them at all, let alone with this level of mastery of the written word.

  • Chair bad
  • I love this. This is like positive gaslighting or something.

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • That was just a decoy!! (It's a shark you were looking for)

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • Please, this is too much. I need to lay down for a while.

  • This TV movie from the 1980s helped change the course of the Cold War. Here’s how ‘The Day After’ got made | CNN
  • I watched this as a kid, and was forever terrified by the possibility of nuclear war after that. Good movie.

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • I'll just cry and make you uncomfortable until you go away

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • This is the correct answer.

  • Meth-addict fish, aggro starlings, caffeinated minnows: animals radically changed by human drugs – study
  • Yeah. As usual nothing is going to be done about this, almost certainly.

  • A flawless strategy
  • "the WWII section" of what, IKEA?

  • Does anyone know of a decent replacement for Sunkist Diet Lemonade soda (which was taken off the shelves maybe a decade ago)?

    It was a sparkling lemonade/soda with zero sugar or calories, but still tasted sweet enough and highly refreshing when cold. Would also accept a replacement for the non-diet version, which in my region of the US was unavailable even before they got rid of the diet version.