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How many people actually want fully on-site IT jobs?
  • It's not necessarily that they dislike the people, either. It could be an issue if the other people/animals at home aren't cooperative with your need to work, despite being lovely in normal home situations. It could be a total lack of cooperative workspace - no desk space, too cluttered, areas already dedicated to other home tasks, noisy neighbors, easy distractions, etc. And then some people are just wholly impatient, who can't identify what they need to make their home space more like their office space. Personally, I played a bunch of video games in 2020. I felt I performed better overall because blocking off an hour of game campaign kept me off my phone most of the day. Now I sit in an office again, scrolling here for more than an hour each day.

    But yes, I had a number of coworkers in 2020 that came back as soon as they could in order to get away from their families again. Work was their herculean daily task that gave them an excuse to be away from families and be too tired to engage with them after work. The kind that always joked "gonna go home, hit the wife, and fuck the dog"

    It's not always outright negativity, but it can be.

  • Rainbow capitalism moment
  • Wild. I was just complaining that I used to follow Lockheed Martin on social because planes are cool, but it's recently become filled with missile and other direct weaponry posts. I'm well aware of what the purpose of a fighter plane is. They used to at least have fun posts about the scientific work performed by the U2 and SR71.

  • Pros / cons of riding a bike?
  • there are bikes, racks and bags in any combination that can carry all sorts of groceries.

    Paper and liquid products are not cooperative with two-wheeled transportation, so there's still a tangible limit

  • Trump Turns Bitcoin Into Test of Patriotism
  • Bitcoin has been moving like the stock market since 2020. Big investors got involved, small investors lost trust in stocks. I don't fully expect the current halving to cause the rally like all the other times it halved. That is assuming it doesn't keep bombing shortly after breaking $69,420, what I suspect is a meme sell limit price.

  • This is a real threat :(
  • There's certainly a tipping point where light becomes too yellow to accurately represent color. I was recently shopping bathroom vanities and some showed what the greens and blues would look like under different color temps, with 2700K just about ruining the appearance. I also painted a room in light blues and had to change the adjustable lights to 3500K, if I remember correctly.

    I'm just intrigued and thinking out loud. I'm having a hard time describing yellower as harsh. I could see the overhead lights doing a better job at flooding an area and minimizing shadows, whereas window light would be diffused but still somewhat of a point-source depending on distance. The "backrooms" image of the empty office space certainly comes to mind where it's all a vague shade of yellow-green.

    As far as people who can't seem to see anything under wandering daylight, IME, they tend to be a mix of people who are either older (reduced dark vision, reduced focus) and impatient people (who don't understand your eyes take 5 seconds to adjust pupil size but 20 minutes to refill rhodopsin, your night vision juice). Or just people who demand conformity. Or a 4th group I suppose, who have max-brightness screens that doesn't play with eyes well against dark backgrounds. I do personally prefer natural light and wait for my eyes to prove they can't see enough before using lights, except for when I have physical tasks to do like cook or repair something.

    Apologies for seeming like I was telling you you're wrong. I was trying to get your perspective but just rambled in my own opinions. Lights are a notable hobby for me, sort of. Headlights, flashlights, night lights, street lights, light pollution, night sight, neon lights, uv lights... I read up on lights weirdly often.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • You really are hands-off on this petroleum situation. You've got no part in it. It's official. Everything in your life is a bike ride away and therefore didn't use petroleum to get to your locality and didn't take any to be manufactured. You won

  • This is a real threat :(
  • Itvs interesting that you find yellow light to be harsh. Normally, the yellower tones (2700k-3500k) are called warm and soft white. Daylight is 6500k with a notable blue tone and neutral white is somewhere around 4500K. Is your office also filled with brown/dirty surfaces that seem highlighted by the warm light or grays that clash with it? Florescent lights (and cheap LEDs) are especially harsh in general because they have really bad color rendering, meaning certain tones get muted and distort perception. Letting in daylight may just be helping restore color vibrance. Bluer lights also tend to have more UV output, which makes them more painful at night. Yellower lights lean towards the red end and aren't so jarring for the same brightness. Bluer lights get used in hospital, lab, and other high-detail settings for more clarity, while yellower lights get used in more relaxed environments where visual detail is less important.

    I wouldn't guess you have a different cone count, but I would guess there's some underlying perceptions about colors and visuals.

  • Photoshop Terms of Service grants Adobe access to user projects for ‘content moderation’ and other purposes
  • A car is far from the only consumer of petroleum. Many electrical grids directly use hydrocarbons, construction uses petroleum, public transportation uses petroleum, local shipping uses petroleum, overseas shipping uses petroleum, manufacturing uses petroleum, plastic is made from petroleum, farms run on petroleum... Sure, most of those industries are trying to convert energy sources, but in no way can an individual avoid petroleum consumption and still live. Avoiding windows and Adobe is less insurmountable, but still a powerful stressor for people just trying to make a living.

  • Jeep aims first EV at Tesla with new Wrangler-like EV coming soon
  • It'll sell fine. Modern jeeps are for people who want to look outdoorsy but can't get a Subaru because people might think they're a lesbian (and, in this case, can't get a tesla because people might think they're a librul). The wagoneer is doing OK, the 4xe trims are doing OK, and none of them are going offroad any further than the dirt trailhead parking lot.