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Best friends spend more than 1% on defense
  • A little mixed up, there. The French were meant to have the contract to build nuclear powered subs for Australia, but the UK fucked the French by taking the contract, with some US help.

    The creation of the partnership spelled the end of a French–Australian submarine deal. On 17 September 2021, France recalled its ambassadors from Australia and the US; French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called the partnership a "stab in the back"[10] following Australia's cancellation of the deal worth €56 billion (A$90 billion) without notice,[11][12][13] ending recent efforts to develop a deeper strategic partnership between France and Australia.

  • Gameplay mechanics were also a lot better with more replayability.
  • That was a large part of the charm for me in Tunic. The core mechanic was collecting pages of the instruction booklet as you adventured so you could learn the mechanics of the game. The other part of that being the manual was written in an unknown language* and you'd need to infer what the instructions meant using context clues. It was an absolute blast and hit the dopamine button when I figured out some puzzles.

    *Btw, if you know, you know

  • [Hot Paper Comics] Well now I hate you for new reasons
  • In political party terms, a liberal is someone who supports the economic system of capitalism but wants to give concessions to the general population (free healthcare, cheap public transportation, etc) to placate the people from changing the system. The idea is if people are making a somewhat decent living then they will be less disgusted with the ludicrous amount of money the actual wealthy make and won't revolt. Messaging from conservative parties has purposely conflated liberals with leftist (socialism/communism) ideology in order to tie it to the Red Scare and convince lower income people that the idea is meant to take more from working class people.

  • West divided? Italy, Spain, France 'fail' to even back US-UK action on Ansarallah
  • tl:dr - 2021 Ever Given shipping blockage but worse

    It's much more complicated and impactful than that. Commodities may take multiple trips through the canal in different forms before they become final products, and more sophisticated products that require multiple raw material sources spread across several vessels multiplies this problem. Vertical monopolies have min/maxed costs and revenue such that they've determined it's cheaper to refine one material in country x, pay to ship it to county y for further refinement, then pay to ship it to country z for final assembly before shipping it a fourth time to where it will be sold. Companies that are not vertically integrated simply buy the materials they need to make their product but those materials have already been on a similar journey being sold from one company to the next, the price going up for each stage of refinement.

    The alternative route around the southern tip of Africa adds roughly 2 weeks to shipping time. Many companies rely on materials constantly arriving in a timely manner so they can continually produce products to be sold. Adding a 2 week delay to receive a material and a 2 week delay to ship their product immediately puts a company at least a month behind on production.

    If a product would require materials that went on multiple trips through the Suez canal then attempting to shift to an alternate route would dramatically increase the time it would take to produce. Simplistically, this causes a supply shortage and results companies losing profit and raising prices across all sectors.

    The Houthis are trying to stop the Palestinian genocide by hitting capitalism in the balls. In a nutshell, if large companies start seeing a significant hit to their bottom line then they'll begin pressuring the lawmakers and world leaders that benefit from those companies to stop the genocide.

    Genocide stops -> Houthis stop attacking shipping -> companies get their profit

    This doesn't even touch the quagmire of politics in the region...

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