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Microsoft’s AI chatbot will ‘recall’ everything you do on its new PCs | The Guardian
  • As someone regularly using Arch, Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows I agree.

    The advances Linux has made, especially in the last few years is just amazing. I can run the majority of my games through Proton, there are even some preconfigured packages with Illustrator and Photoshop CC that Adobe doesn‘t seem to care about at all.

  • We text now, stop calling me.
  • German here, I also google unknown phone numbers first if they are mobile phone numbers. My business phone number is in the imprint of every website I make due to legal reasons, so I receive around 1-2 spam calls per week.

  • Could it be that I just have horrible taste? No, it's the market that's wrong!
  • Where did I say its secret nazi signaling?

    Saying I‘m nuts for seeing swastikas in this pattern is like saying all the people that saw the dress as silber/blue are nuts. Some people have different pattern recognitions than others and for me the white was the background and the black was the foreground. I mean you even admitted that you see it after the second look.

    Some people see a musician and some people see a woman at first. Do you think those that see the musician are nuts too?

    Maybe its jusr because I‘m german and we are way more cautious about this topic than most other countries. Swastikas are a complete nogo for us and its even illegal to use them as a symbol outside of historical context.

  • If a machine is never 100% efficient transforming energy into work because part of the energy is converted into heat, does it mean an electric heater is 100% efficient? [@[email protected]](h
  • I‘m was using two old servers with folding@home running as space heaters in the winter. I got them for dirt cheap and thought if I convert electricity into heat, I might as well do something good with it. Also nice opportunity to run a minecraft server for the kids during that time.

  • Kriegsdienstverweigerung 1994
  • Zu meinem Bruder hatte einer während seiner Zivi-Zeit gesagt „Ein echter Mann geht zum Bund“. Dessen beiden Söhne haben sich ein paar Jahre später mit ärztlichem Attest ausmustern lassen und auch keinen Zivi gemacht. Da war das plötzlich in Ordnung.

  • It's important to live by a code
  • Hello, I‘m a happy anonymous internet user in the internet and not at all working for a secret government agency. I am taking great interest in your cousin. Please send me the address of your cousin.


    Your friend the internet user.