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Reddit hive mind is unpredictable
  • Down votes are for one-upism.

  • What do you believe the role of government to be?
  • And controlling corporations and the state police

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • So what YouTube is now. But there will be a higher bar for entry. I said as much. I fully expect groups to form and would welcome them. And the hash tag system would allow greater means of finding content that people want to actually watch, and still allowing these content farms to operate.

    But this is a discussion about possible YouTube replacement, and realistically i don’t see another company that could handle the infinite demands of free on demand video streaming that we would have been as our new masters. I took inspiration from the Fediverse in this regard. The FOSS collaboration may be able to stream line the hows and specifications expected to have creatives connect their content to the collective.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • I would have the non live chat be built to resemble a forum more then the type used by YouTube now. Like with topic headers, and newer content floating recently discussed topics to the top. I have issues with YouTube chat being impossible to navigate or follow what anyone is talking about and who they are replying to, and i never know if anyone replys to me. So a more structured chat appeals to me…

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • I would also like to see if we can’t have embed 2 videos on the same page. So let’s say react videos. What if the reactor can que and control another video from the viewer. If you ever did a watchtogether it’s like that, but the reactors manipulation of the video is recorded like a Doom demo so it’s light weight, accurate, and most importantly of all… both creators get full credit for the views. No need to sue over copyright, a like button will be available for both videos. A juggernaut of a creator finding and reacting to another video will IMMEDIATELY have beneficial effects for the smaller creator. Colabs, head to head streams can share a chat. Weird art house effects can be used, ARGs made. On and on.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • For the algorithm,i would recommend using a hash tag system (i know they are not called hash tags but I’m in a stream of consciousness here) give creators the freedom to label hashtags to their content. Though to avoid gaming them, the value of views/upvotes is divided equally amongst all the tags, so if you put #hollow_knight as your only tag, you get more weight on a smaller net. Or if you act like an Amazon reseller and dump every single hash tag on you video to throw the widest net, you get a more shallow weight in each tag. I would count views AND like for this. Likes would be weighted more due to needing engagement. I probably would recommend not having down votes weighted either way, but obviously shown. And subscribing just guarantees the viewer gets notified at the top of the page.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • So i put more thought into this… assuming this was how a youtube competitor turned out. The negatives would begin to force certain human behaviors to mitigate risk. You would see guilds/channels form. This covers the weakness of the Wild West. Groups can bargain with more leverage from sponcers and demand more money in exchange for more consistency, these guilds/channels can also hire a lawyer on retainer if large enough to handle litigious tasks, and advise its members though copyright dangers. If it when it goes to court they can handle hiring of additional representation. The guild/channel would have say as to who they admit to the group, so they can expel risky members. But like joining an HOA creatives will have to adhere to the channels rules. But without a monolith controlling everything, you could find a guild/channel that has terms you agree with. This would bring a lot of the status quo youtube brings, but with everyone’s goals more aligned

  • How do vegetarian's type when their head is this far up their own asshole?
  • Ok you lost me here. Is it that they aren’t going far enough? Or was it that claiming about being vegetarian is just not really related at all to their point? The context is missing.

  • How do we replace YouTube?
  • Ok so first let’s go over what YouTube provides: Storage, community tools, search algorithm, add sense, authority over copyright, front end.

    Realistically you could probably cover the front end, search algorithm, and community tools with FOSS collaboration.

    Everything else gets harder.

    For storage, the VAST swaths of data, and forever growing nature of YouTube storage nearly guarantee its market dominance alone… if they can contain that infinitely growing monster forever. Its their greatest strength and can also be its Achilles heel. I would propose that video hosting would be covered by the creatives. This change creates a ripple effect that effect all the other challenges, but immediately raises the bar for entry, and with the exception of the highest earning creators, videos would have to be cycled out when their earning capability falls below cost to host. But! This has good sides, like the best videos would linger and bad videos would fall off increasing the quality of what remains. Creatives would have more control over their videos. You could also have a system that rotates videos between a cold storage and live videos, where cold storage would use a torrent like system vs the streaming of a live system, which would allow cheap storage of low earning videos to still have them available for those who could wait.

    Copyright, so with the creatives holding the keys to the content, this new youtube would only facilitate the connection and front end, but would not regulate it. So copyright claims would have to be handled by the creatives. This is a sharp as hell double edged sword! You won’t be copyright trolled as successfully any more BUT your odds of ending up in court could be higher as there is no way to appease the record labels and what have you so readily. There would also not be a method to scan the videos to easily find other people who are stealing YOUR content either. And you would have to deal with the person stealing your content directly.

    And ad sense. Without a unifying front to bargain with advertisers, it will be like the Wild West. Most advertisers don’t have assurances of enforced standards and will be very timid to employ this new system. They would all have to vett creatives separately, and it would work allot like Sponcers do now, but ultimately i think it would be a boon, but for a wile the money won’t be there.

  • Especially americans
  • It’s odd, usually its the people who are the milkees.

    Mane the OP is making a comment about people using Christianity for their own ends? But that’s weird because it was designed to be used that way. Its why before the printed word, the people were not to read the Bible, but for them to be told what it means instead.

  • Most Democrats want Biden to drop out, but overall race is static, poll finds
  • Your comment makes it seem as you prefer no contest to trump. It should be EITHER no viable alternative so Joe should stay OR we have a viable alternative, Joe should step aside.

  • In video shared by TMZ, George Stephanopoulos says Biden can't 'serve four more years'
  • I wouldn’t consider this being on the other side. This is a failure at every possible step and we risk the absolute worst outcome. “I told you so” tastes like ash in my mouth.

  • What the fuck is so bad about fake tits ?
  • I mean, a guy can say they are unattractive when asked about it. Wile it does get into the whole objectifying a person based on one’s preference, just remember that the reason people have these built in valuations is probably instinctual as a means to ensure healthy child rearing. This bleeds over into how one sees them self as a result of others evaluation. So fake tits, or steroids, or saline injections, or what have you may be about fulfilling the desires of the person getting them, but it’s not completely divorced from the judgement of others

    All that aside. I find fake tits distracting and a bit unnerving. Something just screams wrong from somewhere deep in my mind. It’s to the point that i have to stop, and move on to something else.

  • Can't see why not sovcit.
  • Also above your name, don’t forget to write “without prejudice” Got to have an out incase they try to attribute your signature to your person and not the corporation representing you.

  • Doctor Who boss says Mrs Flood breaking fourth wall "might never be explained"
  • They can later just cut back to that scene, and slowly pull back and reveal that it was watched by another being who at the time unknown to all was a viewer stand in, but now has significance too the story. They did stuff like that before. Once they recorded the first doctor talking to the screen in an abstract environment about nothing in particular. Much later writers built a story involving all the doctors up to that point and stitched it around these clips. Something similar can still be done here

  • 70%
  • I didn’t know this sub had a horse in this race! budum tish

    But also seriously, i am voting blue as always, because i don’t really have a choice if i want to protect other people i don’t even know.