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YouTube looks to be testing server-side ad injection to counter ad blockers
  • as an occasional creator of internet videos,I would much rather host my own videos, because bandwidth is actually very cheap. but YouTube has a complete monopoly on internet video, so I have to host my video on their website, subject to their weird and arbitrary conditions, their trigger happy copyright system, and their general terrible treatment of their creators. they pay an absolute pittance for impressions, which is why most professional YouTubers use other revenue streams

    the company, Google, that you are paying, didn't make the videos, doesn't fairly compensate the people who did, and they are effectively holding them and the very concept of internet video hostage

    people on Lemmy mostly support a free, non-corpo, decentralised internet instead of the parasites at Google because Lemmy is free and decentralised and non corporate

    get real

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • I picked up a radxa zero last year and have been quite enjoying it. the hardware is better than a pi zero but costs less. same with a lot of other SBCs

    but raspberry pi has a lot of inertia behind it, a lot of software and hardware support. people will keep using them, just like they keep using Ubuntu, even though it's a soulless corporate husk of what it one was

  • C++
  • pointers are fine, but when you learn about the preprocessor and templates and 75% of the STL it goes negative again

    c++ templates are such a busted implementation of generics that if I didn't have context I'd assume they were bad on purpose like malbolge

  • Reform UK pulls to within two points of Tories in latest YouGov poll
    1. almost every major political party in the UK has an anti-immigration stance, so they certainly do act like it's an issue
    2. despite media scaremongering about immigration, there's no credible evidence that immigration in the UK has negative social or economic consequences overall
    3. the lovely people behind reform UK previously campaigned for us to leave the EU in order to reduce immigration, and not only did it not reduce immigration but it was also a multi-year political shitshow (and it tanked the economy, and it pulled us out of the EU human rights convention, and it fucked up supply chains, and it decimated arts and science funding, etc etc)

    to be honest I'm kind of amazed that UK voters would fall for the same obvious grift twice

  • How is everyone handling the 2FA requirement for GitHub?
  • last time I signed into my Microsoft 365 account for work I got two separate 2fa prompts and two captchas, it was like being in an episode of the crystal maze. the mere act of signing into something is now tedious and difficult

  • Is cloudflare breaking the internet or fixing it?
  • I run a small personal blog/portfolio website that doesn't get more than a hundred or so human visits per day, but it gets hammered with bot traffic, not just malicious bots but tons of different search indexers and scrapers, many of which don't respect robots.txt

    after setting up cloudflare I noticed a very significant drop in malicious traffic and in bandwidth use, which also corresponded to less bandwidth and CPU usage for my VPS.

    I know cloudflare has recently had a few bad customer service stories but for small and medium sized websites their service is invaluable

    my own personal criticism of cloudflare is that, as a VPS user, I get hit by cloudflare challenges more. but now that they've moved to hcaptcha it's not too bad

  • Dungeons & Dragons will release its 2024 ruleset under a Creative Commons licence
  • Pathfinder 2e is definitely more complicated than DND 5e, but in return you get a much more interesting, expressive game, in my opinion. When people say it's cleanly designed they are normally comparing it to pathfinder 1e, which is a labyrinth of bizarre rules, pointless edge cases and overly crunchy rolls.

  • Professional Scientists of Lemmy: What is your field of study's, most complex unanswered question?
  • I work in computational biophysics. The field has been slowly chipping away at the structure and function of every protein for decades (it's a solvable problem, it's just going to take a lot of time and energy) and recently a bunch of clueless SF tech bros have bumbled their way into the field and declared that they've solved everything.

  • AMD confirms Radeon GPU sales have nosedived
  • on the one hand, cuda is vendor lock-in and if we'd all just agreed on an open standard decades ago then we wouldn't be in this mess

    but on the other hand, rocm is crap and adaptivecpp is very half baked right now, at least in my limited experience

  • Xubuntu 24.04: A minimal install that really means it
  • I love kde, I love the file picker, I love window management, I love dolphin, I love the panels, I love Kate, etc... but every time I have to switch to a new tty to restart kwin, part of my soul dies

  • Why do non-psychologists talk so much about Freud?
  • when I think of other famous psychologists my mind goes to people like zimbardo or milgram, because of their attention grabbing studies. but they are not great examples because their work has big problems with ethics and replicability. after that, maybe pavlov or skinner? but their work is most famous for its less ethical uses. harlow? or a bunch of his contemporaries who got famous mostly for torturing monkeys? maybe piaget?

    I only did psychology to a college level but I think a lot of 20th century psychologists are famous for the wrong reasons. Freud was full of crap but at least he didn't torture any monkeys

  • Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving linked to hundreds of crashes, dozens of deaths
  • a more genuine take would have included a series of scenarios (e.g. drunk/distracted/tired driving)

    I agree. they did tesla dirty. a more fair comparison would've been between autopilot and a driver who was fully asleep. or maybe a driver who was dead?

    and why didn't this news article contain a full scientific meta analysis of all self driving cars??? personally, when someone tells me that my car has an obvious fault, I ask them to produce detailed statistics on the failure rates of every comparable car model

  • Sex offender banned from using AI tools in landmark UK case
  • i read three of the sources you provided (all of them, except the book), and the only thing you've said which is true is that the treatment 'includes acceptance of their desires' (though you have added the words 'as normal')

    the other two claims you've made, including 'it does not prohibit any fictional materials including children' and 'by stripping away safe outlets we may come at risk of these people increasingly turning to real CSAM' are your own inventions, and are not stated anywhere in the texts you have linked, in fact, they are directly refuted by both of them, because the actual prevention project recommends a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication