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Steam announces game recording beta.
  • it pisses me off to this day what we lost. That platform was, apparently, 15 years ahead of its time. I remember streaming gameplay to my friends. We seriously lost so much when it died.

  • Analysts: PS5 Outsold Xbox Almost 5 To 1 This Past Quarter
  • I could see them offering a new console that is mainly for cloud purposes. Microsoft believes the future of gaming is streaming. The only government body that paid any attention to this during their purchase of Activision blizzard King was the United Kingdom. While streaming is still pretty shitty right now for games, I think Microsoft has their sights 10 to 20 years ahead.

  • Jerry Seinfeld’s Teen Girlfriend Saga Resurfaces After Duke Walkout
  • it’s not about liking it. It brings nothing to the conversation. The type of people who don’t like this picture of Jerry Seinfeld also don’t like guns in America. It’s not that complex of a thing to think about.

  • xkcd #2929: Good and Bad Ideas
  • people with certain medical issues in their bowels can be cured of them by a fecal transplant from someone who is a good donor. It usually means a family member. The purpose is to treat bowel infections. Pretty neat shit.