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15 years ago today, the Minecraft Wiki (Minepedia at the time) was created by a user called Citricsquid
  • Huge congratulations to the successful move away from Fandom! R.I.P. Gamepedia, that was the 2nd best era of the Wiki IMO.

  • Take a shower with me? [F] (Phluks)
  • I scrolled past this while my furry wife was in the shower.

  • Can I ask for how to remedy my build here?
  • I learned this technique from a video, I don't remember who the author was.

    Their idea is to start by building hollow cubes of somewhat random sizes, each connecting to the other and possibly merging (some parts of a cube inside others). Once you have enough cubes, you use those as the skeleton to build the final structure. Square-ish cubes become rooms, tall and skinny cubes can become stairs, really big cubes can be multi-floor open areas. The hollow cubes act as a canvas with structure, so that you can "paint" your build on something more than just empty air.

  • Exploring her Play Tent for the first time πŸ’ž
  • That play tent looks awesome!! I wonder if she will enjoy it the same in the future if it is randomized each time.

  • Miscellaneous Quality of Life Changes
  • Scrying Pools are back!!!! πŸŽ‰

  • Visual client side chunk generation
  • I think your idea is a good idea. You could keep the view distance low on the server to reduce the number of real chunks being generated. Clients can render whatever they want.

    I think one issue would be when you approach a player structure from the outside, the client might see an unmodified world first and then the player structure would pop in and overwrite the client-side terrain. Its not a technical issue, but more a player experience concern.

  • Imagine a furnace that heats the whole neighbourhood, not just your home
  • I studied at Rensselaer Polytechnic in New York and they have a campus-wide steam system. There are tunnels below the ground connecting every building. It is somewhat common to see in that region.

  • Advice On Proposed Router Design
  • Your router and wireless access point seem OK. The switch looks suspicious, there is conflicting information in the description, some parts indicate Managed and some indicate Unmanaged. I caution against that switch specifically.

  • Dear Lemmy, I have puked officially twice now trying to play this game. I love it, but holy hell what file do I need to edit to increase the FOV.
  • I found a FOV slider in my game settings. Does your copy not have it? Or are you already at the max?

  • What is your weirdest comfort food or habit?
  • Smart!!! And, I'm glad to meet a fellow chocolatey cheesey cracker enjoyer.

  • Barbarian Training, Forestry Changes & More
  • They finally did it. The legends. This changes everything.

    (Re: barbarian farming)

  • What is your weirdest comfort food or habit?
  • I'll take a chocolate pudding cup and mix in some cheddar goldfish crackers. The strong flavor contrast and texture contrast makes it so fun to eat. Another option is to take cheddar potato chips and dip them into the pudding like a normal chip dip.

  • Could someone explain these OpenWRT LuCI firewall settings to me? I am having trouble interpereting what they are saying exactly.
  • I investigated more and it seems that one can indeed perform NAT with Linux netfilter without the Masquerade action. If one knows the address of the interface, simply using the "SNAT" action with a to-address of the outbound interface will achieve the same result as using the "MASQUERADE" action, as long as the address of the outbound interface does not change.

    But, this fact only matters for the actual underlying netfilter. I should have been thinking about OP's application specifically. For OpenWRT it probably does just mean Checked->NAT, Unchecked->No NAT.

  • Could someone explain these OpenWRT LuCI firewall settings to me? I am having trouble interpereting what they are saying exactly.
  • Oh, thank you! I think I mixed up the option with something else. I appreciate the correction!

  • Could someone explain these OpenWRT LuCI firewall settings to me? I am having trouble interpereting what they are saying exactly.
  • Everything you've said here also aligns with my knowledge!

    I can add some additional information.

    The Masquerade option changes how the packet rule behaves when performing in a NAT situation. When Masquerade is off, the rule is configured statically with each interface's address when the rule is loaded. When Masquerade is on, the rule is evaluated dynamically every time against each interface's current address.

    If you are routing packets through an interface, and the interface's address is dynamic (which is the case for most residential internet connections), you should have Masquerade ON to be able to route packets after the interface's address changes during normal operation.

  • Only Person Here @ MLM
  • Lol classic

  • Tombs of Amascut wardens music is fire

    Super quick post. Just want to say that the music during the wardens phases in ToA slaps so hard. My fav is at the end of P3, I feel like the music is synced up with the start of the lightning attacks.

    If you want to comment, what is your favorite music in osrs?


    Shoutout to Ayrieton for this awesome drawing of myself and my favorite mage gear!

    Not best in slot, but best in fashion 😎

    Artist's profile page:


    The discs are back!!!!!

    (Spoilers for The Path of Glouphrie)

    In the new quest, the little number discs are back!! What a troll loool. As soon as I saw the discs I felt dread, after dealing with them at Oaknock's machine.

    It was fun, though. I think that emotion was overall a good one. I liked the quest. 5 stars.