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Food safety scandal rocks China as report claims cooking oil carried in same trucks as fuel
  • I think you can't really voice your opinion. But that's due to the consequences, you can't post illegal shit to your Facebook too, i.e. you'll be reported very quickly and it'll be taken down but you can still do it if you want to run the gauntlet.

  • ‘Bob’s Burgers’ & ‘Anchorman’ Actor Jay Johnston Pleads Guilty To Felony Charge Related To January 6 Capitol Siege – Update
  • No, he's clearly a moron.

    It's the big problem with both extremes, the right is obviously evil but the extreme left say stupid shit like that, call for burning people and extreme acts of violence or discrimination that they deem okay because it's on the 'enemy'.

    The left has gone kinda right.

  • Eat shit Spotify.
  • Same reason any tech company limit the ability to do anything - bandwidth, ownership etc.

    Even if 'lyrics' are free, they still need to be written and proof read. You're either going to have to pay other companies to provide you the lyrics or pay your staff to write them down.

    There's so many levels to this, Spotify still sucks, but you have to look at it realistically .

  • Please come up to the Board
  • But the entire meme is that point. The teacher needs to ensure the dumb shy kid so they can come out of their shell, grow and become a functional adult. The kid killing school isn't going to need as much of a hand.

  • Eat shit Spotify.
  • Everyone is going on about this as anti disability, but why does a disability entitle you to a service that's paid?

    Unpaid Spotify sucks, full stop, no matter what part of you works or doesn't.

  • Pyongyang Says It Will Send Support Troops to Ukraine Within a Month
  • It's all smoke and mirrors, the majority of their stockpiles would be bordering on defunct. Modern equipment they have is far and few between, their training is subpar.

    Plenty of disposable meat is certainly correct though!