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  • You should checknout SMyths, fan edits that remove the cutting back and forth between stories so you get one myth at a time, and that cut out the repetitive narration meant for people joining mid-episode. Much nicer viewing

  • Mythbusters
  • This is what conspiracy theorists don't get. The world's scientists are not skeptical of your claims that water has secret spiritual memory because they hate you, they are skeptical because the claim you make, if it were true, would be so important and world-changing that they want to be absolutely sure of it before they endorse it.

    The difference is that, to a scientist, "this would be amazing if it were true" is not a good reason to believe it anyway

  • 'My car is more convenient'
  • Cars are also REALLY not that convenient. I'm a dad to a four-month-old, and getting to appointments by bus/metro is SO much easier than using the car.


    • Have to get the fucking car seat in the back seat
    • Pack stroller in as well
    • Drive with potentially screaming kid who feels isolated and lonely, feel like I'm gonna crash at any moment
    • Parking lots SUCK to walk around in with a stroller,have to push kid out into the open before I can see around these tall cars and just hope nobody is speeding


    • Push stroller right on to kneeling bus/level-boarding platform
    • can attend to my baby the whole time, no fussing.
    • don't have to worry about parking AT ALL
  • Most educated, least productive: Why Canada's falling behind
  • Yeah, the definition of "Productive" is all sorts of wacky when you consider that, by the numbers, the people doing high-frequency stock trading are some of the most "productive" people on the planet, because they manage to hoard so much money to themselves.

    Meanwhile, the people actually providing goods and services that make people's lives better and create new things, those people are "unproductive", because they don't get filthy rich off their honest work.

    The real reason we are not "productive" is that foreign investors are paying us to do the hard work of extracting resources (lumber, ore), or generating new research (we have MANY top universities), but then demanding that the money made from refining those resources or selling those idea goes to them, in other nations (typically the US or China)

  • Reaching out to your MPP on the carbon tax - in a passive aggressive manner
  • Okay, so the problem is that because fossil fuels are cheap, most people don't find it very worthwhile to explore new or more efficient ways to do things. This is especially true for the wealthy, for whom gas and heating costs are basically nothing, so they will do dumb shit like heat their homes while leaving windows open, or buy larger and less efficient luxury cars.

    The federal program fixes this. It adds a small cost to using fossil fuels, collects that money, and pays it back out to everyone. That means that people who use more carbon than average (which, again, is the willfully wasteful) will see a small penalty for their waste, while the people who are already trying their best to cut back will see a LARGE benefit, as they get a direct payment of cash for doing their part to conserve. If you are about average, there's very little impact on you, but you NOW have an economic inventive to try and economize.

  • Anon has a power fantasy
  • Yep, it's fine to roleplay a character who can't be cured, or just prefers it that way. Just as it's also fine to have a tabaxi be a vegan, because it's a fantasy and players are allowed to express themselves however they wish and the lore is always secondary to player enjoyment.

    Even in a setting where having your head chopped off is a minor inconvenience for anyone who has 1000g, there would still be people who choose not to have an amputation healed for any number of reasons, and thay choice should be up to them.

  • Trump bible
  • I'm pretty sure it was invented as a series of fairytales to get kids (and slaves) to shut up and obey their masters, with the threat that asking too many questions would get them tortured by a spooky ghost.

    And then it got WAY out of hand

  • Trump bible
  • The problem is that's literally just money laundering?

    They are using a shell corporation and bullshit liscencing fee to cover over the fact that this transaction is and should be illegal.

    Like, the idea here is that the church is not allowed to donate to a political figure, so they've set up a shell corp in the middle. The church pays $60 to the shell corp, who sends back 30 cents worth of paper, and then passes on 59.70 to Trump as a "licencing fee", which is obviously just going to be spent on his campaign.

  • How's that supposed to work?
  • I would be strongly in favour of abolishing the minimum wage IF AND ONLY IF there is also a guaranteed UBI.

    I would happily serve icecream for free if I got a UBI.

    Janitors would need higher pay than many other jobs.

  • It all makes sense now.
  • Galt's Gulch was much more Socialist Commune than libertarian.

    Money had no use as Ragnar was running around distributing gold to everyone on a regular basis, John Galt had built a literal free energy machine and was giving the power away AND giving vanishingly cheap lectures on how to build one. Even the scarce resources (like the only car in the entire society) were being rented out for 50 cents a day.

    Plus all these fiercely competitive supercapitalists would just step aside and just allow competitors to operate with no challenge. The iron mine, and coal mine were all running at industrial scales to serve a town of a few hundred (they had robot labour and free energy) and when the copper miner just showed up they just let him stake a an exclusive claim and start digging with no issue.

    I highly recommend Adam Lee's critical readthrough on

  • This is painfully true
  • We've removed critical functionality from the operating system because our boss didn't want more than 6 buttons on screen at any time. Sorry the system is 100x more difficult to use!

  • Mozilla says Apple’s new browser rules are “as painful as possible” for Firefox
  • But then how will congress give taxpayer dollars to a private company to do a terrible job?

    I mean, we COULD have a government run agency that retains skilled engineers and keeps a good talent and knowledge pool of people specialized at delivering services that hundreds of millions of people rely on OR we could give money to the lowest bidder and blame "government inefficiency" for the contractor's fuckups.

  • 'No consistent association' between police funding and crime rates in Canada, study indicates
  • Actually, in most cases having fewer police on the streets leads to LESS petty crime.

    This is because cops tend to spook people, so everyone (including the innocent, law abiding citizens) will leave areas that are patrolled.

    This creates the ideal scenario for crime: there are few/no witnesses around for a while after the cops come by.

    In pretty much every case I am aware of where cops go on strike and stop doing regular beat patrols, crime goes DOWN.

  • How Canada’s Right-Wing Pivoted From COVID-19 Conspiracies to Conspiracies About Gender in 2023
  • Yep. The goal of all of this this is to force people into straight marriages because that's all that matters to religious zealots.

    They know that if kids practice safe sex they won't get pregnant and 'shot gun marriage' rates will go down.

    They know that if kids discover their gender or sexual identity is non-cis, non-het, or non-monogamous that they might not wind up having a traditional marriage.

    The know that people who only have 1 partner in their lifetime are much, much less likely to successfully leave an abusive partner, meaning there's a higher rate of divorce if people learn that having multiple partners in your life is normal and okay.

    They know that kids who are educated about healthy sex and consent in relationships are less likely to go along with a child marriage or an assigned marriage.

    They know that removing sex ed means more teen pregnancy, more intimate partner abuse, and more child-rape. For religious people whose only goal is to get young women into marriages, those are good things.

    Example: An actual elected official in the state of Missouri defending his stance that "Parents Rights" includes the ability to marry off their kids to adults at age 12, because "Do you know any kids that have been married at age 12, I do, and guess what, they're still married".

    These people legitimately believe that it's morally correct to kidnap a 12 year old girl and force her to be entirely subserviant to, and dependent on, some pedophile husband who controls everything they do, because them being trapped in that awful situation means that there's one more marriage in the world.

  • Absolutely loving this app

    Wanted to share my positivity about being able to amalgamate me feeds in one place, finally.


    Working on our registry for the baby shower, good product advice?

    Hi Dads! Hoping to be joining your ranks later this year and my wife and I are working on the registry for the shower (and just in general working on a checklist). Care to share any hot tips, product recommendations, brands, or anything of the sort?