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6 May 2024
  • This is one interpretation of the story, but definitely not the accepted interpretation amongst the varying sects of Christianity.

    Catholicism espouses that Mary was without sin, and Protestants generally disagree (Lutherans being the notable exception). They also believe that the trinity is intertwined yet separate (God is the father, Jesus the son, and the spirit a procession of both)

    Most protestant sects generally believe that Mary was not without sin, but did indeed become pregnant without sex. They consider Jesus the biological son of God, and therefore fully human and fully divine (this is supposed to be a paradox and not make sense). Jesus is affirmed to be God's actual son in all 4 gospels and several of the Epistles.

    There doesn't need to be a "logical" explanation free of contradictions and impossibilities in Jesus's origin, simply due to the fact that he is God, and therefore above human understanding.

    Source: I grew up in the church and was surrounded by theologians against my will. I got out, but the knowledge is still knocking around in my head.

  • NSFW
  • Of course not, don't be foolish.

    Inserting oneself into another's bubble without thought or tact can make one come off as creepy or threatening.

    All it takes is thinking with your eyes, ears, and brain rather than your dick.

  • Steam :: Introducing Steam Families
  • What would be a good method to minimize gaming addiction in kids?

    I agree that time limits aren't ideal, but is there a better solution besides vetting every single piece of media a child wants to consume? I grew up with both, and it just taught me to be sneaky, which then ended up with me exposing myself to some truly awful stuff on the internet

  • How's that supposed to work?
  • Regardless of how much any teen cares about their after school job, it's just that: an after school job.

    This opinion of service work expressed in the OP doesn't seem to realize that if we restricted these jobs to only the people who don't "need" a living wage, then there would be no fast food for lunch, no quick trips to the store during school hours, and no starbucks in the morning on the way to work during the school year. If you want the convenience of near instant food and services at any time of the day, then you need to pay the price of giving the workers a living wage (or we end up where we are today)

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I agree, a good pocket knife is a great purchase!

    One thing for readers to keep in mind is that unless you know how to fight with a knife (and know that the assailant doesn't have a firearm), then it's a very bad idea to brandish a knife even as a threat. If the assailant is able to disarm you, then you'll be in a much worse situation than if you didn't have the knife at all.

  • Star Citizen's first-person shooting is getting backpack-reloading, dynamic crosshairs, procedural recoil, and other improvements to 'bring the FPS combat to AAA standard'
  • I think it's worth a try if you haven't played in several years! There isn't a lot of gameplay if you don't have a ship geared towards combat/mining/cargo, but those contracts are pretty fun (there wasn't a huge amount of variety, but still several hours of gameplay). I will admit that all my evidence of player enjoyment is anecdotal, but it was a bit shocking to me to hear about how much fun friends were having when I keep seeing so much hate towards the game online. I've gotten a couple ships as gifts from friends/family, but my PC hasn't ever been beefy enough to run the game at a stable frame rate (I've since upgraded so it's probably time to try it again ¯\(ツ)/¯)

  • Star Citizen's first-person shooting is getting backpack-reloading, dynamic crosshairs, procedural recoil, and other improvements to 'bring the FPS combat to AAA standard'
  • I agree that the project has fallen victim to arguably the worst example of scope creep to ever plague the gaming industry, but it's much further along than "barely beyond a tech demo". I know people who play several hours a week and say they're having a great time. There's definitely a full game in the alpha, but it's far from polished or finished.

    To your point about feeling different about the slow development if it were funded by a single investor rather than crowdsourcing: what's the difference? Every person I know who's spent money on star citizen seems happy with their RoI. Isn't that all that matters with an investment? I'm not sure why it would be better if it was just a single investor being happy rather than a million investors being happy, even if it is all just delusion.

  • Systemd controversy be like
  • That was a pretty funny read!

    I'm guessing this could be a common use case difference? Maybe touring in smaller stints makes the goldwing seem like way too much overkill, but if I were to do a bike trip across the US, I'd much prefer riding on a goldwing vs a smaller and more "functional" bike. Several thousand miles can be a real killer without all those comfy bells and whistles.

  • Systemd controversy be like
  • What are you talking about? The goldwing has been consistently hailed as one of the best touring motorcycle for almost 40 years. Every long distance rider I've spoken to says the goldwing is their favorite bike for cross country rides, and the ones who have sold theirs for a BMW or Harley touring bike have expressed regrets about changing.

    Just because something has a lot of features, doesn't mean it's bad.

  • no contradiction here at all
  • Arch is incredibly stable... As long as you know what you're doing. The majority of people who would move from windows to Linux expecting a similar experience won't find that in Arch, unless they're willing to become enthusiasts.

    This is the OS version of "it works on my machine"

  • Why It Was Almost Impossible to Make the Blue LED
  • This is actually a biological phenomenon that most humans experience! Our eyes are more attuned to greens and blues rather than reds, so green and blue light appear brighter as the cones in our eyes are more sensitive to those colors. Similarly, our cones are less sensitive to red so it appears darker.

    There's also a physics component to this as well since red light has about half the energy (twice the wavelength) as blue light. However, since there's a difference in energy, the engineer must take that into account when designing multicolor LED applications so as to keep a level light intensity when changing or blending colors.

    Here's an eli5 question with some more info:

  • It's just a coffee
  • But he's not CEO. He's the director of subscriptions at ubi, so of course he's going to push this line of thinking; his job depends on it!

    The good news is that Ubisoft's stock fell ~10% once this soundbite took off, so hopefully other publishers read the room